Mother-In-Law Secretly Changes Newborn’s Name While Mother Recovers From C-Section

When we got married, we married our partner’s family as well, which can be good, bad or downright sneaky. We’re lucky sometimes and found a partner who had a great family and team behind him. A good support system has been added to our new life. But can you imagine being married and having a baby and then some mother in law changing the baby’s name.

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda were in a film together, called “Monster in the Law” which has become a common term to describe a manipulative, petty, vengeful mother-in-law. The following story sounds like it comes directly from that movie. A mother-in-law (MIL) secretly changed the newborn’s name behind the daughter in law back.

Mother-in-law changes newborn’s name

After sorting a docs for her baby, the mother noticed that her daughter’s name had changed. As any parent will tell you, choosing a name is a special and private decision. But when someone secretly changes a newborn’s name, the mother is expected to be angry. She found out that her mother-in-law have conspired to have the baby’s name changed.  All this ended with changing the middle name by MIL, after the father allows to do that.

“I, of course, am angry, because I told it’d be fine just with the middle name changing and if the spelling is Finley, and he agreed before our son was ever born.”

She’s explaining that her MIL wants to change the first name to something that mother not like at all. “One time, I remember, she sent a gift for our baby with his name spelt wrongly and of course, my husband said it’s not a big deal.”

Changes newborn’s name – all behind her back 

It was just that she wanted to assert her dominance. No one knew she was running a sophisticated scheme. Maybe she was just bored being alone. She lives a few states away and hasn’t seen the baby as much as she wanted. She tries to persuade the husband to change the newborn’s name. He is on a phone with his mother for weeks. She explained that Finley was more manly than Finley.

He knew it would be too much to change his first name. So his mother decided to change the one-letter middle name. It took two weeks for his mother to notice the change. She also made sure that the middle name on his legal documents was changed. While his mother said he regretted his decision to go against her will, the husband claimed he did not want to upset his wife. He thought it was a good compromise.

The puppet master 

I knew she is not ok with me, but she was not respect my husband and the our baby’s name as well. She’s playing with my husband mind saying is ok to lie to me about something that’s so serious as the spelling of our baby’s name.

The relationships between mother and MIL is so complicated. The father tries to make some balance but she is still playing with his mind for changing the newborn’s name. Of course, the mother will fight for the name of her baby yet, and will end with her win.

We’re trying to go through it together, but at the end of the day, I think something must be said to my MIL, and that must be told by my husband”.


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