‘Just Know I Never Gave Up’: Dying Dad-To-Be’s Final Message To Baby Girl He Never Got To See

Happiness is such a fragile thing. One moment it seems as if we are all changing our lives, but in seconds it can all be over.

For Scott and Jaymie Ferguson, a happy couple from New South Wales in Australia who met in 2010, it was all a dream. They were young, in love, eager to travel and had no real plans to settle down.

That all changed for Scott and Jaymie in February 2018, when Scott was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. One day, Scott collapsed while shopping and was taken to hospital. Doctors at Sydney’s North Shore Hospital discovered the tumor advised Scott that his best-case scenario would be another few years. However, this dying dad-to-be had other plans.

Jaymie found out about Scott’s diagnosis and was taken aback: ‘When we found out I was devastated. Jaymie admits that Scott was unique. ‘He was positive from the start and when I first met him he was very relaxed. She said they had never seen anyone come back from their appointments so often and were shocked by how they looked.


Speaking of the bravery of dying dad, she said: “Our chief north coast doctor had never administered radiation three times and he was the first. I couldn’t believe it, but I did.”

He only showed bad symptoms towards the end when he lost the left side of his body.

Jaymie explained how he was preparing for the birth of his daughter

She said he told her he was going to rehab so he was strong enough to hold her and he couldn’t wait. He wrote a letter about how much he loved her and how she was the greatest thing that ever happened to him, and said that if she ever got married, he would walk her down the aisle. He had his fingerprints made into jeweler for her. He made videos at our favorite places and told her all the things we did together.

When the couple married in 2019, Jaymie said the news of her pregnancy was welcomed. She said it had given him a new life expectancy. It was a challenge, but when they found out they were ecstatic. Jaymie was aware of the risks to her husband. When they got the news of the diagnosis and tried to have a baby, she admitted that they knew there was a chance he wouldn’t meet the baby.

It gave him something to fight for. It was hard for Jaymie that he couldn’t be there for Isla’s birth. He was so involved in the pregnancy. No matter how uncomfortable or tired he was, he never missed a thing. He never missed a midwife appointment because he was so stubborn.   

“He was a great father,” Jaymie said. He wrote a note in the video in which he said: “You know, I never gave up. It destroys me because of all the amazing things I missed.”  


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