Dying Father Hung Onto Life Just Long Enough to Hold His Newborn for the First and Last Time, Passed Away Three Hours Later

The story of a dying father is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Having cancer can be a horrible experience for anyone. Having a family member with cancer is particularly difficult. Watching them struggle and become a fraction of their former selves is one of the hardest things to go through. So many people can’t beat him, which makes it all the more heartbreaking.

Grab a tissue, because this story will undoubtedly move you to tears.

This story dates back to 2019 but is still relevant and will move you to tears, as it appears on GoogleBox’s stand-up cancer special. This special explores the terrible impact cancer patients can have on themselves, the disease and their families.

This particular story is about a much-loved father called Brett. He is a father of three. He has a brain tumor.

He even met his third daughter, Arya, just moments before his death. This episode of GoogleBox’s brought many tears as it showed how Brett battled cancer for years before finally passing away in early 2019. The most heartbreaking part of the episode was when Brett finally held and met his daughter Arya.

It wasn’t long before Brett and Nicola were married and had a baby on the way. They were best friends for long time and they realized they loved each other very much. Both were teachers, both highly qualified.

Nicola describes Brett as a perfect father.

Over time, she noticed a change in him. After that he went to the doctor. That day, he found out that he had a brain tumor. The couple sat down with their neurologist and went through the extremes that surgery to remove the tumor could lead to. Her greatest fear came true when he was informed that the operation would lead to the expected death.

As the tumor grew during Nicola’s pregnancy, it became more aggressive. We started to panic, but they took as much as they could.

Brett suffered a seizure just three months after that terrifying visit to the doctor. It happened just as Nicola was going into labor with her third child.

Nicola described how she wanted to make sure he met his little girl before he died. Nicola’s mother drove her and the newborn to her dying father in his hospital bed.

It was like a race against time to make sure we were ok but could get going [to the hospital he was in]. I knew what was gonna happen and I wanted him to know that it was ok. I told him it’s ok, don’t hurt yourself anymore.

Nicola cradled her newborn daughter in her husband’s arms as she described what the baby would look like. The baby was born at 5.07am on February 11, 2019. At 8:25 am that same day Brett passed away.

This heartbreaking video is shown on GoogleBox. A story of a dying father and a race against time.

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