3 Years Old Girl Kept 2 Months Old Baby Brother Alive for as Long as 3 Days After Parents’ Murder-Suicide, “She’s an Absolute Hero”

Humanity continues to impress, even when faced with such terrible situations as this, especially at such a young age. A three-year-old girl became a hero in 2019 after spending three days caring for her three-year-old brother. The siblings were abandoned after their father shot their mother and then turned the gun on himself. After the murder, the children were locked in the house until help arrived.

“Our little angel was able to keep herself and her brother alive,” said Los Angeles police Capt. Maureen Ryan at a press conference. “The baby is a miracle baby, and the little girl is a hero. She’s an absolute hero.”

All the time, a little girl managed to keep her and her little brother alive. They were trapped in their home for three days after a suicide in April 2019. The siblings were identified by police as 46-year-old David Kooros Parsa and 38-year-old Mihoko Koike.

Three days after the couple, who lived nearby, became concerned, called a police and right away the officer arrived at the house for a welfare check at around 9am. The officer left the house without entering it.

David Parsa’s father, Dr. Kooros Parsa, has called this a welfare check. He was aware of his sons “mental health problems and worried about his family”.

After the police left, the couple – Olivia and James Robinson – went to check on the children themselves, accompanied by a locksmith. I found the girl downstairs and the boy upstairs. At first I begged him not to go, but he had to go because the police wanted to find the boy, Olivia said. She described the girl as in poor condition and smelling of bad urine. But that wasn’t the most nerve-racking part.

She had nothing more than a blank look on her face. She was very, very quiet, very quiet. The children were hungry and dehydrated.

“We thought it wasn’t good. I realized something was wrong when the girl said that parents were asleep and they were upstairs and they were injured”.

A neighbor, Tony Medina, took the children to his home and gave them food until police arrived. “She heard her mother cry”, Medina said of the girl. According LAPD, the kids are now good and went into the care of child welfare officials. According to the grandfather, relatives in Texas adopted them. “He passed away; he’s in heaven or wherever he is,” said the 82-year-old oncology specialist about the parent’s murder-suicide.

“They’re such depressing issues, even the coroner said it. The kids have already been adopted by my cousin, my brother’s son, in Texas. They’re going to have fun. What’s gone is gone, but what’s here is the kids.“

When police arrived, they found the parents’ bodies in the bedroom. The father had shot the mother while she was lying on the bed.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a third of the homicides in West Virginia are related to domestic violence. In the United States, 72% of murder and suicide cases are associated with a romantic partner, and 94% of victims are women.

Warning signs include wearing the usual make-up, baggy clothing, constant vigilance and an inability to relax. “Domestic abuse can take a serious, emotional toll, creating a sense of hopelessness and despair that they will never escape,”. Remember that domestic violence is not only physical violence, but also emotional and verbal abuse.

“Listen and offer confidentiality,” she said. “Listen without judging, and it’s important because survivors often don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s not easy, but it’s the best support you can give, and we ask the community to stay engaged, stay committed, to being that critical lifeline of safety for someone.”


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