Miracle Twins Have Different Fathers and The Dads Couldn’t Be Happier About It

In January 2019, a miracle twins were born, a woman gave birth to them which are with different biological father. Females who give birth to children with different biological fathers, known as heteropaternal superficiality, are not uncommon, at least in the animal world. Dogs, cats and cows have already experienced the phenomenon.

In the animal kingdom, the ability of several males to fertilize a female at the same time enables the birth of more offspring. This means that a higher number will survive into adulthood and be carried on by the species. In humans, however, this is extremely rare. Experts say this happens in about one in 400 fraternal twins, to one in 13,000. That, of course, make them a miracle.

Simon and Graeme “Berny” Edwards are a couple living in London, England. They had always wanted to have children, but couldn’t decide who will be biological father for their first child. “There has been so many lovely comments”, Simon tells GSN, after went public with his partner about the story of welcoming twins over the weekend.

They had heard of the use of egg donors and surrogacy, where doctors implant two separate embryos from each father into the same woman. The embryos are then taken from her and give birth to two babies, one for each father. But there is no such procedure in England, so the couple sought a surrogate mother. They set up a profile on a surrogacy website and were waiting to find a suitable partner.

One Canadian lady, Meg Stone, saw their profile and wanted to help. Stone had recently split from her partner, and she wasn’t ready to have another baby, but she wanted help. When she saw their profiles on the surrogacy website, she thought they had “a beautiful smile,” Stone said. The couple flew to Los Angeles to fertilize an egg from an anonymous donor, and then returned to Canada to meet Stone.

She was inseminated six months later. It was a nerve-wracking process, knowing that only one embryo could be taken at a time. “I watched, hoping to see two heartbeats. And I was overjoyed when I did”.

The couple flew to Canada for a 19-week scan, where they were able to feel the baby bump of Meg’s tummy for the first time. At 31 weeks, Meg was in pain, which she thought was contractions, and Bernie-Edwards flew out. It was a false alarm and the couple stayed in Canada for five weeks, during which Meg gave birth to two healthy babies, Calder and Alexandra Bernie Edward. Simon and Graeme finally, became fathers.

When Alexandra was born, Calder arrived minutes later. It was “the most amazing experience of our lives”, Simon said.

When we held them for the first time, we couldn’t believe we are daddies. The new fathers stayed in Canada for two months before flying home. Saying goodbye to Meg was difficult, who already had two children of her own, because she becomes a part of their family. But it wasn’t goodbye at all, as they flew her to England to help them celebrate twins birthday for the year one.


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