1 Million Children Get Together And Meditated For World Peace In Thailand

One million children have joined the V-Stars to Change the World Buddhist Annual Meditation Event taking place at the Phra Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok. The meditation lasts one day and is believed to change the world. The event was launched as part of the World Morality Revival Project initiated by the abbot of the temple, Luang Phor dhammachayo. The temple has caused controversy in the past, with some critics claiming the meditation is a show and others likening the temple’s activities to a cult.

The school children come from over 7,000 schools in Thailand and various other parts of the world. Children come together in prayer and meditation to express their wishes for good, in the hope of healing the wounds of Mother Earth and bringing humanity closer together. The project has taken place every year since the beginning of 2008. The goal of the project is for the children to come together and support each other with good deeds daily.

The more children send positive vibrations into the universe, the greater the effect of the program. Meditation is thought to awaken the life force that flows through our bodies. It is a way of dissolving the ego in order to release its full potential. Meditation increases the electromagnetic energy produced by the human body and improves its function from a scientific point of view.

To balance the electromagnetic energy, mass meditation events like this release positive vibes. Teaching children good moral values is the best way to educate positive and responsible adults, which will benefit the world as a whole. In general, trying to think positively and wish for the best is a big step towards a better world.

In a money-driven world of corruption, evil, greed and division, we must transform the world we live in to a peaceful place where we can live in love and peace. If we all come together and work together to create our reality together, we can make the world a better place. Big, dramatic changes start with you.


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