A Mother Who Gave Birth To a 5.6kg Baby At Home Reveals: “It Was A Wonderful And Peaceful Experience”

This is her fourth child, and for the first time she decided to give birth at home. On March 12, Ayesha Maiton (34) gave birth to her daughter in the comfort of her own home. Although she gave birth to a baby weighing 5kg and 600g, she says it was a “wonderful and peaceful” experience.

She gave birth naturally, without analgesics, and during the delivery she was accompanied by her husband Gary and two midwives. Ayşe is already the mother of three sons Ethan (7), Hugo (5) and Cooper (3), and she says that this was a really positive experience.

“I think it was because I knew what to expect, because she is my fourth child. But this was my first home delivery and it was a really different experience. “I was much more relaxed because I was in a safe, familiar environment, not in a hospital.”

He adds that it was much better to give birth at home because then you can eat your own food and go to your own bed.

According to her, she expected Eloise to be a big baby, because her last two sons were big babies and they both weighed about 5kg.

“I do not know how, but it seems we are only creating big babies. I was expecting it to be around 5kg but she surprised us when it turned out that she is the biggest baby ever. I was not worried about giving birth at home. I always wanted to give birth naturally and no matter her size, it would not matter if I was in the hospital or at home.”

Ayşe spent all the time before the delivery in the delivery pool in her living room. She came out of the pool before the baby was born and gave birth on the floor.

Eloise is considered to be one of the largest naturally born babies in the United Kingdom. The biggest so far is Suzi Gzovski who was born in January 2012 with a record 5kg and 800g.


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