7 Year Old Named ‘Kid Of The Year’ After Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs

This is a compassionate boy who will warm your heart and soul here and now.

At the age of four, Roman McConn began rescuing animals with the help of his mother Jennifer. Not many of us knew what it was like at that age. We had dreams of life and a mission to fulfill.

For his fourth birthday, he asked friends and family to donate to an animal rescue in Texas. In three years, he rescued more than 1,300 unwanted dogs and 40 cats and gave them positive treatment. He tried to help animals in need instead of having them euthanized in shelters.

His mother takes videos every time he plays with the homeless dogs and cats, and posts them on her Facebook page to help them adopt. Staff at the shelter claim he is a real dog whisperer who plays with them so he can talk to them and reveal their personality.

Roman is committed to improving animal welfare and says dogs don’t need shelter, they need things. He is committed to projects like Freedom Ride, a community resettlement network founded by his mother that aims to connect at-risk dogs and cats in Texas, Georgia, and elsewhere with families in the Pacific Northwest. Before dogs from the shelter are adopted by their host partners, there is a thorough verification process and reference checks.

The only way I can describe this project is for us as a community to get a free pass. We have been asked if we are a rescue transport company, and we are.

We believe that when people recognize love, compassion and hard work, we will get what we want for our cause. We will grow and do what we love.

In 2018, he was named “Child of the Year” by the ASPCA for his compassion for endangered animals and his commitment to them during his year. The love for children and unwanted animals has warmed many hearts.

I think a lot of other kids should do what I do. “I think it’s important for all the dogs I meet to give them the best chance to find the right home for what they need.” claim Roman.

Roman received $20,000 after he donate a single dollar to Project Freedom Ride. A video of him playing with shelter animals went viral after he was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He intends to host a global show and has teamed up with Dodo to help them create videos.


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