Mother Accused Of ‘Child Abuse’ After Sharing Photo Of Her Baby’s Creepy Fingernails

A mother has been criticized by people across the internet after posting a trashy photo of her little baby with her fingernails after undergoing a manicure. The mother shared the image of her baby nails on social media after deforming them to look like claws.

Since the image was posted on Reddit, many outraged parents have expressed their disgust and concern for the welfare and safety of the infants.

Commenting on the photo, one appalled person wrote:

Would this count as child abuse or endangerment if the child hurt itself with these nails?

“It’s technically giving a child several sharp objects.”

A second person commented in agreement:

“That baby could poke its eyes out, terrible parent.”

A third said:

“WTF? You are supposed to keep a baby’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch themselves.”

Another worried commenter wrote:

“Poor lil thing is going to scratch themself! Right? This is truly awful.”

The image was widely shared on the subreddit r / Trashy, which has a following of over 2.2 million people. The subreddit is described as a space for trashy stories, trashy glamour and things that are fake, plastic or downright trashy.

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