Horrified Parents Caught On Camera Their Nanny Hitting, Sapping And Throwing Their 6-Day-Old Baby ‘Like A Toy’

Their hectic lifestyle forced a couple to hire a nanny to look after their children while they are at work. But finding a responsible, caring and loyal woman can be a challenge. A couple were shocked when they saw their nanny abusing their six-day-old boy on surveillance cameras. After seeing security footage on his mobile phone, the father caught his cruel nanny hitting his little boy and throwing him around like a toy.

Mr.Tian, 26, father of a newborn baby in the city of Shahe in the province of Hebei in northern China, witnessed a scene that shocked him. After the babysitter was caught punching the baby, he checked the video from the camera on his phone. He saw the baby being beaten and thrown with toys by the nanny. After seeing the video, the shocked mother sent it to an influential Chinese blogger.

She explained that the nanny was behaving badly towards her baby. Worse, it turned out that this was not the first time the mother had been caught punching her child. A videotape from July 31 showing the woman putting baby to bed, and footage from the same day allegedly shows the woman hitting the crying baby. Another video from August 1 shows the nanny negligently putting the boy to sleep, and it quickly went viral.

Police are now investigating the case. An official statement said the MRI showed Wang hitting the babies’ hands, feet and buttocks on camera.

The next day, he complained to the babysitter about the appalling behavior at the agency where she worked. Mr. Tian said he had seen the surveillance camera video at home on a phone app. When he did, he confronted Ms. Wang.

When the nanny tried to flee the scene with her car, an angry Mr. Tian tried to stop her and destroyed her car with his tools. The nanny was so scared that she ended up in hospital.

Police said it was a disturbing accident and an administrative incident. “This is a very disturbing accident and we take it very seriously.”


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