Before Starting Chemo Mom Allows Her 4-Year-Old To Give Her Anything Goes Haircut

When she was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer, she knew she was ready for a drastic change in her life. Hair loss, as a side effect of chemotherapy, is often seen as a symbol of the long and painful struggle people face in the fight against the deadly disease. For some women who hang on to their hair, hair loss is something they struggle to cope with.

To save herself from the torture of chemo, she decided to cut her hair before it fell out. Her oncologist advised her to find a way to involve her three children in the experience so they could go through it with her. He told her it was going to be emotional for her. She decided to ask her 4-year-old daughter Norah for help.

Emilie recorded the entire process and uploaded it on Instagram, where she runs a cancer awareness movement, and wrote:

“I’m feeling scared to take the plunge. Bald? Please no. But it’s definitely time. What if my head is secretly shaped weird? Like a neglected flat spot (is that even a real thing or just my creepy mom brain?) or what if I have a cone-head because I was a ginormous baby when I came out?”

Emilie explained that Norah, also called “Shug”, is very cautious about outfits, hair, style, and fashion.

In her kitchen she did the job with precision and was fantastic at the work of the four-year-olds. Instagram followers loved the video and praised the mother-daughter duo for their work. Emilie said she has her favorite hairdresser she has ever had and compared her new look to a Barbie haircut, saying it was her favorite hack job. Emilie has documented her entire cancer journey on Instagram since her diagnosis, encouraging others to share their stories.

In one of her posts, while in the hospital, she spoke about the scary episodes of emotional and physical breakdown.

She wrote:

“The annoying thing about chemo is… everything.  It’s been so frustrating this week. I’ve been in such a dark place. And it has become so real. It’s not all goofy Mr. Clean Halloween because sometimes it really is just the worst. Not only do I feel horrible inside but when I look in the mirror, it’s so hard to recognize who I am on the outside too. This isn’t a poor me post but a reality post and a here-is-what-cancer-can-feel-like post. I don’t want to forget how it was.”

She believe that the positivity is is the key to success. She tries to spend her time with her family. They go to shopping, to the beach and volunteering.

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She loves holidays and traditions, too. Last Halloween, the family were dressed up as Harry Potter characters.

She wrote on Romper:

“Knowing that a beautiful baldness was coming my way terrified me and made me cry on multiple occasions, but I tried to think of the best way to make it bearable for this family of mine. After all it was not just me going through this cancer journey, but all of us together. And also my hair.”

To all people who suffer from cancer, stay positive, we are all with you.


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