8-Year-Old Boy Hugs Nurse Who Gave Him Part of Her Liver to Save His Life

Can you imagine the happiness of saving someone’s life? You should therefore consider being an organ donor. When a friendly stranger does a good deed, they will be remembered forever.

When eight-year-old Brayden was diagnosed with an aggressive virus that attacked his liver, his parents Ruth and James Auten felt wistful.

The boy who had just finished a state championship wrestling championship needed a liver transplant as soon as possible. His parents shared the story in the hope of finding a donor, but they couldn’t find one. Camie Loritz, an intensive care nurse in Milwaukee, tried to help and found out at this point that she was a perfect fit. The operation took place on May 15, but Loritz wished to stay anonymous. Two weeks later, the hospital organized a meeting where they met.

Brayden’s mother, Ruth Auten, said they couldn’t thank you enough considering you are part of her family. She gave up the time to endure the pain to make sure her son had a chance to walk by her side and live and thrive as a normal 7-year-old boy. “You were so selfless and saved the live of my son. Thank you for everything you have done, I will never be able to repay the gift you gave to my son and all of us.”

Brayden returned home in July after recovering from a partial liver transplant, and he is now back at school. We are 4 months after the transplant and it is heartwarming to see him enjoying being a healthy child again, there are no arguments and he is stinky sweet. “I’m so grateful that his family got the chance to get their son healthy again,” claim Auten. However, said she didn’t want the happy ending to end there.

In addition to the love and support we have received, we ask for your help in educating the public and raising awareness of liver donations. Please help us to reduce the deficit in the number of organs needed and available. The liver is the largest of the organs of the body and has many important functions: it converts nutrients from food into useful substances, absorbs toxins and converts them into harmless substances and produces proteins.

Liver transplants are an option for patients with diseased or failing livers and can take between 6 and 8 hours. However, liver viruses can cause vague symptoms and it can be difficult to diagnose liver problems at an early stage.

When a patient is placed on the waiting list for an organ donor, the risks and benefits of surgery are analyzed. The best candidates for liver transplantation meet criteria such as suffering from a serious and irreversible disease with a short life expectancy, drug use, severe pulmonary hypertension, systemic or uncontrollable infections or cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. In most cases, liver donors are people who have been declared brain dead and whose closest relatives agree. A partial liver can also be donated to a living person, relative or friend.

In some cases, it is a complete stranger that can save your family, as Loritz did.


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