Treat Everyone As A Brother Or Sister Because We Are All Children Of God

Most people tend to judge, criticize, accept and resent for a long time. It is so easy to get lost in negative thinking and to feel sorry for ourselves without thinking of others. Finding guilt in others is one of the easiest things in life, but also the most painful.

It is easy to believe that a colleague who receives a bonus or an increase does not deserve these things. It is easier to say that the trauma of a past can never be cured than to love it and accept it for what it is. Saying things about ourselves that are negative is also easy because we love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are, but it is harder to forgive ourselves. And it is easier than saying that the woman who raised her voice is a bad or crazy person.

Let us remember that God loves us all as children of God, not as people with our own needs and desires, but as children of a loving God.

Now imagine what happens when you just love someone, no matter who they are as a person, and you change and save them. I don’t care if someone has had mistakes or character flaws in the past, they just love them and everyone beams and becomes their best self because everyone has a story and we all love everyone.

Behold, no one is perfect, but God has taught us that it is the highest commandment to love one another with all your heart, mind and soul. If we do not love with our hearts, minds and souls, we will never love others. We live in a world full of evil, selfishness, greed, arrogance, pride, self-interest, jealousy, hatred, envy, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

Sometimes we ignore their words, fail in our faith and even question their existence, but we forgive them because they are our sons and daughters. God who forgives lifts us whenever we fall.

Worry about what others think about you, worry about your work, but really accept others instead of worrying about yourself. Take the day after day instead of rushing away towards the next thing you think about what we need for ourselves days and take them for what they are worth, instead of what you think about others.

Say hello to your neighbors, pray for you and for other people.

Be generous with someone who has less than you and give them piece of your food.

We are all children of God, so let us love one another and treat each other as brothers and sisters, not only for our own good, but also for the good of others.


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