102-Year-Old Woman Says Drinking Beer Is the Secret to Long Life

Can you imagine the secret of longevity not just for a 102-year-old woman in a glass of beer? Mildred Bowers, of Mount Pleasant, SC, has been working her way up to her 102nd birthday for several years.

In the weeks leading up to her 103rd birthday, Millie, as she is known to friends and family, was interviewed by WCSC Live 5 News to celebrate an early birthday party at a local restaurant. During the interview, she was asked about the secret of longevity and not only attributed it to genes, but also claimed to have a secret about beer.

Apparently she is allowed to drink beer in the assisted living area and when she spoke to her nurse and asked her doctor, they agreed.

Millie claims her mind is sharp, something most people her age don’t, and she also looks beautiful and has clear, soft skin. She is also in good health and claims to have been drinking beer for over 100 years.

Millie was born into a family of eight sisters, but she is the only one who didn’t have children.

As a special early birthday moment, Bowers also posed for her first ever cellphone selfie. The doctors have said she’s fine, said friend Mary Ann Hartman. Not everyone is a fan of beer, but she likes it and her friends order her beer in restaurants. Millie added: “Finding your favorite drink and taking the time to drink it every day is the right thing to do”.


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