God I Hope I Can Love You More in the Future

Dear God I want the whole world to see my love for you, I want to put it on the display and be proud with it because there’s nothing more beautiful than the love for the lord. I want to love you louder, prouder, deeper than ever before because that it what gives meaning to my life.

As the New Year unfolds, I begin to think about my past mistakes. I want to flaunt and be proud of my love for you, because there is nothing more beautiful than the love of the Lord. Dear God, do you want the whole world to see it and love me louder, prouder and deeper than ever? Do you really want me to love you because it gives meaning to my life? And I’m so grateful for that?

I wish I could start over, but now I see that I has lost his way and has distanced himself too much from me. I realize now how much of my life I missed, and I wish you could have started over with me again.

I have done a few bad things, hurt too many times and made my faith shake, but I am working to fix what has upset me in my life.

He was there for me when I felt I couldn’t go on and I knew he would be back soon. He was there to listen to me cry and watch my heart break into a million pieces. I’ve tried to gather myself individually but I’m just not able to do everything.

He showered me with wisdom and purity that helped me to emerge from the abyss into which I began to fall. He never condemned me for my mistakes and I am grateful for that, but I am also grateful that he never condemned me for those mistakes.

I hope that I can pass this love on to those who have lost faith in the love I have for you, and I hope that I can show you what love is and what it means to be in love. I spread my arms wide and welcome my children back into them, but I am also grateful for the children I welcome into my back.

Dear God, I promise you that I will never lose faith in you again and that you will love me as you deserve. There is goodness that is in me, but there is no goodness without faith, which is faith.


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