8 Signs Your Family Does Not Care About You And How To Handle It

Family members are the only people you can trust blindly and rely on when it comes to love and support. Your parents should love you more than anyone else in the world, your siblings should be your best friends, and no one in your family should feel neglected or unloved, no matter how much they care.

Very few people have been blessed with a healthy, happy family, and even fewer have had to cope with the loss of a parent or sibling.

A healthy family would make you feel loved, supported, and cared for, but instead many feel neglected by their toxic parents or siblings. It is not surprising that it can be extremely painful to be part of an abusive family, especially when you have to love the people who make you unhappy. There are a number of signs that your family is not looking after you and that you are not being looked after.

You also often let them know that you miss love, and especially in difficult times you should contact them, call or write to them.

If your family does not show you their support, spread negative electricity and concern in difficult times, they will not take care of you as they should. A loving parent would do anything to make sure you are not alone and you will be there and do your best to minimize the pain.

A dysfunctional family would make you feel worthless and unimportant, which means they will ignore you and even mock you for things you say. Everyone deserves respect and their feelings, thoughts and opinions are important. You can make them feel that they are not as important as you.

You should never do anything to harm you in any way, and you should be able to love yourself even if your family is physically, emotionally or mentally abusing you.

You should actually make sure that you never have to suffer pain, and if you are one of the causes of pain, you should poison yourself.

This means that there is often harsh and rude criticism that makes you feel like you are never good enough. When your parents or siblings express their honest opinion or constructive criticism, you are criticized and harmed by a dysfunctional family.

In a dysfunctional family, no loving family will respect your need for personal space and privacy.

Whenever something goes wrong, you blame your family, and you do so to avoid admitting your mistakes and to accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

It is extremely difficult and painful to come to terms with the idea that your family could not care for you, and you have put them through the pain without worrying about how it affects you. You are abused and manipulated and constantly take the blame for things you have not done.

You have to explain why you are never asked or told, that you are never invited to family events or even shared good news with them.

If you are dealing with a toxic family member, and they give you negative electricity, you need to make sure you look after yourself. That means taking the time to look after your mental health and emotional well-being that is, taking time to think about it. What cuts you off is that your family doesn’t care about you as much as they should.

It is your best friend who offers you the love, care and support you need. Your satisfaction of being who you are is crucial, whether it is for your mental health, your emotional well-being or even your physical health.

Sometimes abusive people don’t know that their behavior hurts those they love, but staying firm and distancing themselves when you need help can help. If your family is mistreated, controlled or disrespectful, it can be difficult for you, as your parents or siblings may violate the boundaries you set for themselves and release you.

Talk to your family and let them know how you feel about them, but it is true that you could listen, sack them if you acknowledge that they don’t care, or try to change them.

It is easier said than done, but you must learn to count your blessings, in other words, to be grateful for the people you love and support.

Being part of a dysfunctional, loveless family is painful and difficult, but blaming yourself for the actions of toxic family members is extremely unhealthy and can have the power to destroy your mental health. Blaming the behavior of the parents or siblings is self-defeating and you are not responsible for any abuse you have experienced.

If you are a daughter or son of a toxic parent, you should know that you are not alone and have everything it takes to lead a happy and healthy life. You deserve one and take responsibility for your actions and your abuse in your environment.


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