This Adorable Video Of A 4-Month-Old Baby Girl Laughing For The First Time Is Absolutely Addictive

For many parents, there is nothing more heartwarming than hearing their 4-month-old baby laugh for the first time. And that’s exactly how Andy and Melissa Fischer from Minnesota felt when their 4-month-old daughter Veda let out her first laugh. In a two-week-old Reddit post, Andy shared a clip showing her daughter laughing at the exact moment, which understandably concerned the mother in the funniest way.

Vedas first laugh is very special, because she was born premature, and was hospitalized about one month. Later we sat down for lunch and I made a silly face at Veda and she couldn’t stop laughing.

The moment to record this video is so redemptive, not only because of the first laugh of the Vedas, but also because it is such a special moment for them.

Andy says the video had more than 100,000 upvotes on Reddit, and Andy says it has been shared over 1.5 million times. People have shared how the video makes them smile, laugh and even shed happy tears with their own eyes. Whether you agree that this little angel’s smile is just too adorable to pass by or not, her laughter brings incredible joy. That’s what’s so influential and uplifting for so many of us, that we’re so grateful for this amazing little girl and her amazing parents.

Veda may not even be a year old, but it is safe to say that she is her father’s biggest fan and sees her share of his humor.


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