This Dog Had Crippling Anxiety Until He Got His Own Emotional Support Dog Friend

We all know that dogs can help people, but did you know that they can help other dogs, especially when they need emotional support?

After a terrifying experience that led to a traumatizing attack, Carolyn Manalis from Perth, Australia, saw her fur baby, who was already suffering from separation anxiety, become even more nervous and scared, especially around large barking dogs. Of course, the gruesome encounter left a mark on Arnold both physically and mentally, but Carolyn knew she could do something to make him feel better. The Weimaraner was only a puppy and had trained with his new owner for a few months, and he was still in the early stages of his development.

Then came Frank, a miniature dachshund (quite) and the friendliest puppy you could meet. Carolyn adopted Frank from a friend and they soon became a family, but one day she had to adopt him from another friend.

After Manalis adopted the puppy from a friend, it wasn’t long before the little dog took on the role of emotional companion dog. The connection that these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful, Manalis told to Caters News. They are so connected, they support each other, and when one of them cries, the other is always there to check that everything is OK.

The much smaller Frank helped Arnold overcome his crippling fear and he has regained his confidence to play and wrestle. Manalis commented: “Frank has learned that I don’t always mean to hurt or attack me and we have documented his progress by sharing it on Instagram. Frank helps Arnold to regain his self-confidence and his love for his dog friend. Regardless of size or race, love is unconditional and Frank has helped him through it all”.

Having a little friend to play with is the perfect therapy for Arnold to heal And he has now returned to his old self.

Arnold taught Frank everything he does: do housework, chase a ball, sit, wait, stand and wait until a collar or a leash is put on, and sit and stand until collar and leash are removed, and wait while he crosses the street. Eventually the black red gold variant became a kind of copy, Manalis said, laughing. When Arnold makes a noise, Frank imitates it and copies everything Arnold makes, even to the point where he imitates the sound when he makes it.


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