What Your Kids Will Remember About Christmas Won’t Be The Gifts

When your children grow up and look back on their memories of Christmas as a family, they will have more than just the presents in their sights. I know you may not see it now, but when your child looks back on those moments, she will remember how they laid out cookies, decorated, ate a nice breakfast together, dipped under the tree and all the fun things you did with them. When you watch how they open presents, you make the memories you should make.

Spend time together, play a few games, have fun even when your little ones are small, and spend time with them.

When you think of the Christmas presents you get as a child, the most expensive are usually the ones that have the most impact. The more you keep in touch with your children’s memories of the past year and their feelings about Christmas, the greater the effect of this gift.

Mum would make a lovely dinner, and before we had dessert, there was already love for the games ahead. Bring each other together, enjoy the holidays together and make the most of the moments that lie ahead before you have the chance to be everything else. Take advantage of the time that lies ahead and bring everything with you, bring yourself, your children and others together.

Gifts are not everything, but they are certainly fun and bring back memories that you and your children can hold on to forever. Think about what you look back on most and lay these things down as things that are important to you to move forward.

Just because you can’t afford the most expensive gifts now doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a parent and still do the best you can. For my part, I think we should be grateful every year that we have got to where we are now. And that’s all that matters. This year has been crazy and we have had some setbacks, but that is part of the fun of Christmas, not the presents.


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