Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (and most magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

I think we have seen everything, from rainbows to manes, and now we will see that everything changes when we turn our eyes to a new holographic hue. Imagine that as if you saw everything in a rainbow in your mane, except that you do not see what changes when you keep an eye on it. The “holographic” trend is achieved by a technique called “hand colouring” or “pressing.” Hand-pressed coloring uses a method of screen printing and brings them into the locks. Characterized by a thin layer of color, the strands look opalescent and colorful and move around the wearer, similar to the color of the sun.

The stylist uses Plexiglas plates to paint a different pattern on the dye, repeats the same cut, varies the intensity of the color, and then applies the haircut to glasses that transfer the dye to the strands. The stylists repeat the process and repeat it for a total of 10 to 15 haircuts in different shades.

So far, Marvici has only taught the technique to a handful of stylists, but he is confident it will be adopted quickly. The technique gives the stylist greater control over the look’s appearance and it is a much more natural look than traditional hair coloring.

If you are ready to take the plunge, the result will certainly look like it’s sprinkled with pixie dust. Customers must have their hair in a rainbow of colours that appear holographically in their hair. If you can’t get enough of this fun trend, you should get Holo Hair Inspiration and know what you need to know before you go into the salon.


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