‘I’ll Be There For You.’ Sometimes Even The Strongest People Need To Hear These Words

I am the one who always looks out for everyone else, but I am the one everyone can look up to when I need him.

People think I’m always the stronger one, but I’m very good at controlling emotions with others. There is nothing that can touch, hurt or unsettle or make me vulnerable. If anyone needs advice or a shoulder to cry on, I will always choose them, no matter how much I hurt myself.

In reality, I feel like I’m holding the whole world on my Titan Atlas shoulders, but in reality, I’m just a bit weak. I show my weakness because everyone depends on me to be the strong one, and I expect that every obstacle on my path will take that away from me. In the meantime, I just have to keep going as I always do, no matter what someone does to me or what I do to them.

Sometimes people forget that we have feelings and emotions and no one really thinks about how we will feel. We have a heart, we know what happened to us and that it will be okay, but sometimes even the strongest people in the world need to be heard.

Our hearts deserve unconditional love, but now the good ones in our hearts are tired of giving without receiving anything in return. We have torn ourselves apart to help others repair their own hearts, and now we desperately need someone to take care of us while we heal.

We always have the right answers and even when it is difficult, we always know how to deal with the situation. No one sees the hurt in us, but it is hard to find it in ourselves – and yet we do.

No one knows what makes us so strong, what remains calm, even though the fire burns in our souls. While we suffer in silence, no one notices how deep the pain is in our eyes. It still hurts to hope that someone will see our pain and help us overcome it.

We hear from someone else that soon everything will be good, but we forget to give our love and we hear it from ourselves and not from others.

It is the curse of the strong, but no one knows the struggles we go through, and no one has any idea how exhausted and alone we sometimes feel. If we do not recognize anything – someone comes to save our souls, we take them in and suck them into our hearts.

I try to convince myself once again that I don’t need anyone to save me – after all, I have done so many times. I know I can change things that I can’t do.

Because I am strong enough to do this alone, because I have gone through everything and am here for you.

And that’s fine, but the truth is that we all desperately need a saviour, even the strongest of us, it doesn’t matter who we are or how we look.

We are only human, no matter how hard we think we feel, and our hearts are not made of steel, but we should not be afraid to admit it.

Sometimes even the strongest people need someone to help them get back on their feet or to calm their spirits. We are not bulletproof, we have feelings and they hurt, but we have to have them because we are hurt as well.

We are amazing to give so much to others, but our souls are already tired and we desperately need a break from all the heavy lifting.

Stop giving people energy they don’t deserve and invest in your own well-being instead. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability, but remember that we are only human at the end of the day.

You cannot save everyone, but you can save yourself, and that is the most important thing in the world, your own good, the existence and life of others.


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