We Are Underestimating The Vital Importance Of Physical Touch

Unfortunately, for most people, the answer to this question would show how little physical attention they give and receive. The world has changed enormously in this new decade, and today’s people have forgotten the vital importance of physical contact. It has become an issue that can no longer be ignored, and there is no doubt that society is going through a crisis of touch.

One of the most important ways in which this is done is in the way we interact with each other, and we have difficulty keeping up. Some time ago, it was normal to pat a person on the shoulder, hug him or be close to others.

Now we just stop, and it has become increasingly unusual to have a physical connection with a fellow human being. I used to be able to hug my boyfriend even if we hadn’t seen each other for a while or if I was close to my romantic partner.

People are beginning to see physical touch as something negative, and it is seen as strange, transcending and divergent.

Cases have been reported of pupils wearing their own bandages after falling in the playground or their teachers being afraid to get too close. Nowadays, teachers in schools are afraid to get anywhere near their students. Some can even get scared when people try to “get close” to them, and others can cause physical harm.

Doctors are afraid to touch their patients because they fear being labelled as predators. The same applies to foster parents who, for fear of legal problems, avoid touching their children when they are in care.

People are getting miserable, something that can and should be changed easily, but it seems like we’ve just gone mad. Various social sectors are affected and a large number of people are paying the price for this crisis.

Research has shown that physical touch is crucial to well-being and experts believe it also makes us feel loved. It works wonders for mental health, reduces stress, makes you healthier by lowering your blood pressure and is also a vital part of social interaction.

People are starting to pay for professional petting to feel better and, not surprisingly, cosy cafes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Similarly, people feel accepted and less lonely and can be held together by the touch of a friend, family member, colleague or even stranger.

We spend money on something that should be natural and that costs nothing other than love, something we all need and love for ourselves.

People willingly and reluctantly choose to accept physical touch as something bordering on fear and evil. The current situation is painful, and if we do not act now to change things, humanity will continue to suffer. We are constantly poisoning the next generation with the same beliefs.


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