Husband Plants 6,000 Trees As Tribute To Late Wife And Pictures 15 Years Later Show The Real Motive

In one of the most incredible love stories in the world, Winston and Janet Howes wrote about their love for each other 15 years ago. Now her loving husband has planted 6,000 trees in an oak forest in tribute to his wife in a room that honors her life.

Winston and Janet married in 1962 on the Shroud in South Gloucestershire and the hot air balloon pilot revealed a family secret about them and made them cry. She was the love of my life, we behaved like a perfect marriage and we had a secret, but secrets make a good story.

Winston thought nothing could go wrong on the small family farm, but sadly heart failure ended it all and his wife died of heart disease at the age of 44.

He was devastated, his perfect life had turned into a nightmare and his beautiful wife had disappeared. Janet died in 1995 and Winston had a difficult time coming to terms with the loss, but the grieving husband has a great idea.

He cleared the land on the family farm, planted many oaks and planted 6,000 trees in honor of his wife and son. “I thought it was a great idea and am grateful for the support of my family, friends and neighbors as well as my wife and son”.

I have set up a place in the field overlooking the hill where I used to live, and sometimes I go down there just to sit and think about things. It was a flash of genius and I planted several thousand oaks, “Winston said. This is a beautiful and lasting tribute that will be here for many years to come.

The little seedlings have become a heart-shaped space, and the world has had the chance to see what real love looks like. It is a testament to the love Janet had in her heart and a tribute to her husband’s love for her.

At one point during his adventure, Andy noticed a heart-shaped meadow in the sky above his wife’s garden. It was “one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen from the sky,” the 42-year-old said. He hovered over the area, had his own balloon and climbed to the top and had looked at it from above.

You can imagine the love story, “Andy said,” Winston managed to honor his beautiful wife with the help of some of the most beautiful trees in her garden. I didn’t know it was there, but there was a perfect heart hidden just a few hundred yards away.

One acre heart shaped space was created by Winston and Howes with the help of a $1,000 grant from the National Park Service. It’s lined with hedges and we’ve made sure the top points go up to Wotton Hill, Andy said.

Janet originally lived there and then we decided to put hedges around the heart and plant a big oak tree on the edge. There are several thousand trees and we have a couple of people who are extras, and Janet’s favorite tree is in the middle of the room.

We planted daffodils in the middle of spring and it looks good, and the heart points up to Wotton Hill, where Janet came from.

This romantic love work will impress the romantic world, but Andy has come up with the most beautiful family secret. In spring the meadow is covered with beautiful daffodils and we sit on the seating we have created and walk from time to time.

This oak forest and heart-shaped room is here to make a statement and teach a lesson about love. We would never have known about this incredible love story. This monument to love is a monument to love, symbolizing Winston’s admiration for his wife Janet.


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