A Real Man Doesn’t Just Send You Sweet Texts; He Makes Time To Be With You

A real man likes every new picture you post of your parents and wants to meet them, but he wastes no time in commenting on your photos. He says you look beautiful and he makes you beautiful because you don’t need the support of others. Instead, he greets your face and says, “Hey, look at that beautiful face”!

A real man doesn’t send you sweet emojis, flowers or sweets, but he stalks your social media profiles to make you his girlfriend. You spend all your time swiping through dating app profiles because you don’t need an app to track the women you’re attracted to in a real way.

We should not be afraid to anticipate these sweet texts, but should do it personally and stand in front of the door.

If a man tells you how much he misses you and has no time to see you, don’t be too excited. A true man finds a way to make time for you no matter what, and instead wait until you have a good idea of what is next for him or her at this time.

Don’t let your stomach roll when he sends you a sweet message or a good night, and don’t jump up every time you look at his instagram stories. He’s a real man, he’ll be there for you when you need him, so don’t behave yourself. Wait for the one who can’t wait to cuddle under the blanket next to you and cuddle with you.

A relationship that only exists on the Internet is not a real relationship at all, but a sham relationship. Real relationships can connect in real time, not only on social media, but also in person, at home, and even in the office.

True love is so much more than a simple one, and it’s a relationship with a real man, not just a relationship on social media.


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