Broken Hearted Vet Shares The Sad Truth About What Most Pets Do In Their Final Moments

A post that has been circulating on the Internet for some time is making the rounds again, and if you think about it, you might want to cry. The decision to euthanize a pet takes a lot, and vets around the world have been forced to watch the end of many amazing pets and learn how cruel humanity really is. Of course, it can be very difficult to see the suffering of pets that need to be euthanized, especially in the middle of their prime years.

In the post, the vet explains why owners should euthanize their animals before they are seen and how hard it is to see them. An animal that is most vulnerable and probably afraid to leave behind for the rest of its life makes it more vulnerable and makes its final moments even more difficult. If you need to take a pet to the vet for a human wound, you may want to know something, but that may be just part of it. There is something we all know because we are all family, even if we do not always know it at the time of death.

This was written by a vet and is so true.

Posted by Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital & 24hr Emergency Service on Sunday, August 12, 2018

Look at your loved one’s face in the room and don’t let him or her go away in a place you don’t like. There is no argument that we are all devastated as human beings to lose them, but sometimes it is a crappy decision for the day, time or event.

It is cowardly to abandon them when they are sick, frightened, old, dying or suffering from cancer and need comfort, but do not understand that when you leave them in their most vulnerable time, you abandon them because you think it is just too hard. I can only imagine what it feels like for the people who stay: every time you try to comfort them and explain to them why you just couldn’t stay, it makes you less afraid. These words are the exact opposite of most things I have seen on the Internet lately about pet care.

Death is one thing, but if you decide to leave a room to a good friend who has lost his life, it seems easier to think you will let him go. If you have a pet, give it to you so you can spend time with it, and it’s only fair that they can give you something back in the end. They want to be with you in all the things they deal with in life.

You’d be surprised how many people put pets down only to never see them again, and many are happy to see these kinds of things shared online to draw more attention to the issue. Notice how this can damage your ability to do the right thing for your pet, as well as your relationship with them.

Dogs, cats and everything else can get sick for many different reasons. Treat these things as if they were nothing and you’re not doing yourself any favours in the long run. If you don’t have a pet, don’t bother – they’ll be in touch with you, especially if times are tough or you need to be there.

It didn’t matter that we only managed to be together for a few months and rely on each other to ease the stress of our lives and theirs a little bit. The cancer played a part because it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. 

It was time for Riley to do the most painful thing in his life, something he has gone through more than any other pet in my life.

I’m in tears as I write this but I love my fur baby so much , I will hold him in my arms at the end. I definitely wouldn’t leave him and I would love him forever even if he had to die because he’s my baby.

I couldn’t believe it and gave up shortly afterwards, but I remember this cowardly man euthanizing my old husky and returning a few days later when the family came to say goodbye. Omg, that’s what this man did to me when I was at the vet, I just went in and he just put me down.

The puppy was happy, he looked around in my eyes, looked at me, then walked quickly and peacefully.

It was one of the saddest but happiest days of my life, as well as the rest of our family.

I just hope you have as many pets as I do, but I would never leave one of my fur babies alone. My dog stayed up all night and my partner and I slept in the living room while we waited in dad’s garden for our older cat to arrive in her litter box.

We had a small ceremony and my daughter put a necklace around her neck and wrote her a beautiful letter.


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