Signs You’re Not Mentally Strong, You’re Just Acting Tough

While tough measures can meet a person’s needs in the short term, mental strength is a necessity for real engagement in life. An aggressive boss or demanding partner can mask his own mental weakness with a false projection of hardness. There are many signs that you are not mentally strong, but simply act hard to be strong in your relationships, in your work, in your relationships with others and with yourself.

Successful people do not climb to the top by acting tough, but by becoming stronger, they gain more confidence in what they do and who they are. Mentally difficult people know this and find it difficult to break through the cracks in their mental strength. These cracks contain unrealistic self-confidence that can backfire if you are not prepared for the realities you face.

Your self-esteem depends on what others think of you, so those who act hard must be very careful about their appearance. Mentally strong people are not afraid to prove themselves to others, and those who work hard are driven to become stronger and better in everything they do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t drive yourself so hard that you become stronger or better than everyone else in everything you do!

Harshness means developing an attitude that says you look good, but you often use that harsh exterior secretly to hide yourself – doubt.

People who act hard want to be perceived as controlled and often try to control other people and make inappropriate demands. People with mental strength invest all their energy in working through their weaknesses, rather than hiding them. Strong-minded people are able to control their emotions, thoughts and feelings. We invest a lot in managing our emotions and regulating our thoughts, and we are productive, whatever the circumstances.

Mental strength means recognizing your own weaknesses and recognizing that you have to work hard to achieve your goals. Of course, you need a healthy dose of self-confidence, but overestimating your abilities can leave you paralyzed by the reality of real challenges. It may also have been a great disappointment to underestimate the time and energy it takes to reach a goal.

When you put on a mask to feel tougher than others, think about how this can affect your life in the long run. Devote some time to building mental strength so that the way you feel inside can match the way you see yourself and others.

With increasing mental strength, the need for hard action and with increasing mental strength also grows. So is the need to clamp down.


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