5 Ways To Find Out If Your Friends Are Real Or Fake

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make genuine, loyal, honest friends, and sometimes it is difficult for us to say when it will be difficult to come back with them. Many people spend years making friends only to later realize that the people they have trusted are actually toxic, fake, or offensive. Like toxic relationships, friendships built on toxic energy can have negative effects on quality of life and relationships with other people.

Matthew Jones gives 5 simple and easy ways to find out if your true friends are genuine, loyal, honest and honest with who they are and who would never hurt you. Even if one believes that the friend is the chosen family, it can take years for people to realize that they are living in a false friendship.

A true friend would be supportive, proud and happy for you if you achieved your goals and worked towards your dreams. In contrast, someone who does not have your interests in mind would become envious and even try to sabotage or prevent you from achieving these goals. Your services are supported by the support of your family, friends, colleagues – employees, employers, family and friends.

Ironically, these are the same people who run to you all the time when you need help, and ironically, false friends disappear from your life as soon as you need them. Hard times reveal true friends, because when we go through difficulties and struggles, it is a true friend who holds our hand and walks with us. Your friends love you and want to make sure they can do everything in their power to contribute to your happiness. How do you react when you fight for yourself and how do your friends react when they fight for you?

If your friends seem to be talking only about superficial topics, it is unlikely that they are friends you can rely on when things get tough. Ask personal, thoughtful and provocative questions and ask them to discuss their personal lives, thoughts and feelings. This is the key to understanding what kind of friendship you are in.

If you want to talk about a problem or a cause you are struggling with, there is always a loyal friend there to listen to you, give advice and ask if she can help you. On the other hand, false friends find a way to turn the conversation around by being the center of attention. Be attentive and listen when they speak, but do not listen when you speak.

They do this because they believe that you can achieve anything you want as long as you try. They challenge you to grow and care about your success, which often pushes you out of your comfort zone.

While real friends encourage and support you, false friends do the opposite and discourage you. This means that you may even call your dreams unrealistic, but ultimately it is because you fear being more successful than yourself.

Surrounding yourself with supportive people who truly love you and care about you is key to ensuring you live a happy and fulfilling life. By asking yourself these five questions, you should be able to determine whether the friends in your life are genuine, loyal, fake or toxic.


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