If You Want Real Love, Don’t Flaunt Your Relationship On Social Media

I think that by posting pictures of your life, you open the door to privacy, allow other people to access it and in turn focus on their opinions. With all the bloggers and people who live their perfect lives and proudly post pictures and stories about their “perfect lives” every day, we tend to lose touch with ourselves and become unable to distinguish between fake and non-fake.

We become so obsessed with impressing others that we forget what we really want, and unconsciously this means that we miss out on people who might be the best for us. People with a big heart are loyal and want to find true love, but they are not always able to do so.

The truth is that when you meet someone, the whole process of getting to know them should be intimate and private, not sexual. You should base your opinion about a particular person only on what other people tell you about each other, and you should push people away when you are emotionally far away, because society has taught us that this is the only way to survive. We lack the courage not to abandon our vigilance and to allow everyone to approach us where they can harm us.

The truth is that we are all different people and we all want different things in life, so we should never seek the approval of others. Everyone has a past and has made mistakes along the way, but we are not all perfect, we have different ways of dealing with pain and heartbreak. We all had to and will experience it, because the truth is the same.

Do what your heart tells you, but when it comes to dating, it’s best to meet privately, and that’s it.

If you are in a real relationship between two people, you should know that you have made a mistake, even if you have done your best and have no regrets. You shouldn’t, and people outside are more likely to put out a burning fire than you are.

So give yourself time and space to make wise decisions, always follow your heart and always trust in yourself and your own judgment.

If you date loudly, your love will soon be silenced, but if you meet in silence, that love is loud and clear.


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