Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness – It’s A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence

Tragically, many of us have grown up in a society that values this as a sign of weakness. Boys are told not to cry to look tough, and girls are told to be pampered if they cry and beg often if they cry.

We accept the fact that we are vulnerable and harmed by every small opportunity we have, and others will take advantage of us. We start stowing away as we feel out of fear, and we start stowing it away because of that fear.

The truth is that we all need a good cry from time to time, and that is perfectly normal – it is part of the human condition.

If you find it hard to express your feelings, you may not like to do so, because cynicism will build and you will get to the point where there is no escape. It is really fundamental for an individual to be aware of his feelings and be able to face them, because that can be the difference between them whether they express them uncomplicated or not. Do not take anything so disrespectful as to pass on these feelings – we could never benefit from nurturing them or confronting them head on – directly.

If your father were to die, your natural reaction would be to cry, and that’s nothing terrible. Crying helps you cope better with emotional distress and can be an incredible way to relieve pressure and tackle the problem. If you keep imagining that everything is good and you are finally moving on, then you might wish for an enthusiastic relief.

I couldn’t get out of my head, I had to have a lot of discussions and anything but work, but the turbulence would gradually subside and I wouldn’t cry.

I would get to the point where I could look at a photo and say, “I’m processing this emotionally,” and if I remembered, there would be a strong emotional reaction. There weren’t many things I had to do to process them, but at some point you could say I was emotionally processed.

Crying is the best way to calm down, and everyone feels renewed after a good cry – everyone. Emotional tears heal the heart like physical detoxification, but they are also a sign of emotional intelligence.

I try to let go of the outdated and untrue idea of crying, and I do not want to hold back my tears.

It is healthy to cry and helps us emotionally to eliminate sadness and stress, but it is also healthy for our mental health and emotional well-being.

Crying is also a way to overcome grief when we are regularly flooded with waves of tears after a loss. If we can live with an open heart, tears can help us to process and heal from our loss.

When a friend apologies to you for curling up on the floor in a foetal position and crying over a depressed or failed romance, tell her that her tears on that floor are “blessed.” There is nothing to apologize for, otherwise suppressing strong feelings makes you more depressed.


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