Gucci Unveils $800 Jeans With Fake Grass Stains On The Knees

Gucci has shocked fashion gurus with its autumn / winter collection, and bloggers disagree. The brand offers jeans that look like they’re wearing themselves, but also have fresh grass stains on the knees. Go to the website and search for eco – washed jeans, you will be searched for “eco – wash jeans.

The brand’s material has been specially treated to create a grunge look in winter, but the grass-stained jeans look bizarre. Most trendsetters find nothing attractive about these jeans, and we are not surprised to see ripped jeans in the fall.

Would you really pair it with a check print shirt and loafers, or something more casual, like jeans and a sweater? If so, they will appear on Gucci’s website on October 1 along with the rest of the 2017 Fall / Winter collection.

You might prefer to pair it with spotty jeans, but the designer believes the new jeans will help to combine the vintage dream with contemporary fashion. You have to embrace the versatile style and style of this piece, because everyone belongs to the individual spirit of the house. The new material, which is part of the Gucci range, is recycled from organic cotton waste generated when cutting products.

The brand has made headlines with its designs before, but let’s say some fashionistas aren’t thrilled to have such a pair. The Gucci 870 sneaker, which was launched last year with fake grass stains on the back of the heel and the bottom of the sole, is the first. She continues to shock the fashion world, even when she comes in the form of dirty jeans.


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