When Your Parents Are Not Rich But Still Afford To Give You a Beautiful Life, Appreciate Their Sacrifices

It gives me goosebumps when I think about the children my parents had and how they behaved, even though they never had much. They gave me the best they could afford at the time and I had a good life, but I am grateful for that.

I always read that parents have two jobs to make ends meet, but I never saw anyone so stressed and never complained when I had to. I only understood the concept when I was a teenager and my mother fell into this role. She was always tired and I always struggled with guilt because she wasn’t always there to emotionally support the girls.

I just felt guilty that I didn’t do everything for my mother, but it didn’t matter that I worked so hard to look up to her. I have parents who don’t have too much but still give their children an amazing life and I will never forget those sacrifices. Beware, for you will have children of your own, and the foundation of these sacrifices has been laid for you.

Times may have changed and social norms are different today, but the seed of overwhelming parental love sewn into one will never be eradicated. There are so many things in life that we often forget that we are getting older, and we should be grateful for the love and support of our parents, not just their money.

It is a privilege to have parents who have worked hard to look after you, and many others have never known parental love and care. So many people do not have access to the same kind of support from their parents or even their grandparents.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to decide who your parents are and although I am not committed, I hope to be there for you. Not all parents play this role, but if you are lucky enough to have at least one parent who cares for you, let them know how much you appreciate them. The best way to do that is to take care of yourself. So, if your boy or girl (or even a boy who does) gives as much to protect you as he or she does, you must give endless love and support throughout your youth.

The moment a person becomes a parent is a huge turning point in their life, and you simply sign an invisible contract stipulating that your child will always come first, no matter what.

Children grow up with friends and social activities that are planned for them, and parents must give everything to achieve this. One of the biggest changes parents make when their baby arrives is to cut back on social activities. If you have enough time for your child, you can hang out with your friends, but not with other parents.

The draining process of pregnancy, birth and childbirth takes us all to heart, but it is the most amazing and deeply sacrificial journey a living person can make. The mother goes into this matter with love and deep expectations, so would you be willing to put it on hold permanently without question?

You go through unimaginable pain to give birth to your child and carry the weight for nine months. You choose to have your body reshaped uncontrollably before your baby is born, but you have to make a choice.

Your body would definitely turn into the wrong shape and you have to work hard to get it back. Recovery from a deeply invasive procedure is not a journey of recklessness; sometimes surgery is necessary, sometimes not.

Mothers are a force of nature and they are still there for their newborn children, that is a fact. Mothers often struggle with full-blown depression, as some of us do, but they are still there.

I don’t remember, but how many times have I banged on the bathroom door, screamed in the kitchen, or cried in my mother’s arms in front of my father’s bed?

When I entered my parents lives, the concept of holidays had changed and I had forgotten the concepts of time in my tender years alone. When children grow up to be teenagers and young adults, they are no longer able to look after themselves, especially when they grow up as teenagers or young adults.

Children are not easy to care for, and you cannot relax without constantly watching them and caring for their endless needs. When it’s time to go on holiday, you chase them, work year after year and keep them on their toes all the time. The holidays are mostly about working and showing them other places outside their hometown.

For some parents, these things can replace things in the long run, even if it’s just for a few days a year or even a week.

Children would push their parents to their limits, and they would still love them with all their heart, no matter how often they waver. When teenagers get into trouble or adults or children make bad decisions, it gets to the point where parents have to be there for you. As a child you would be put in a corner and scream and grounded all day, but your parents would be there to comfort you and help you.

You can get angry and say things that are not meant to be, but you have to be grateful to your parents who sacrificed their comfort and peace so that you can be happy, because soon everything will be about you and your children. Maybe you resent them for starving their children to death so that they could eat. They gave their whole lives for you, and you gave your whole life for them, your young life for those who fought to keep a roof over their heads.


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