We’re Living In An Age Where People Have Forgotten The Importance Of Physical Touch

When the people you love and who are close to you are always away, it’s easy to forget how important it is for your happiness and well-being – to be touched. For many people, however, physical touch is something that is often overlooked or perceived as something they need to feel happy and secure in close interpersonal relationships. When intimate or romantic relationships involve physical contact, such as a kiss, a hug or even a touch on the cheek or the back of the head, this is not something we take for granted.

Although physical contact is vital for emotional well-being – a person’s being – it is becoming increasingly rare in today’s society.

Lack of physical contact can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation, and without proximity mental health can suffer.

Human contact is vital, and millions of people around the world are not getting enough of it, but the sad thing is that it is becoming less common today. The reasons for this are many and complicated, and there is no need much of them. This results is in the need for most people to engage in social and human contact with other people, even only for a short time.

This can affect the closest relationships in people’s lives and therefore affect various aspects of interpersonal relationships. On the one hand, a change in attitudes toward physical contact, whether it is about invading another person’s personal space or simply because people don’t know each other well, has led many people to hesitate to touch others, even if they have their express permission to do so. This is unacceptable, especially for people who do not know others well and it can cause serious problems for their loved ones.

If we cannot show compassion, kindness and care for one another, physically, we all suffer. The current dialogue, which borders on consensus, is important, but more damaging to many people than it has been useful. The internet is full of stories of all kinds, and social media is exceeding its ability to reach out in a way that ignores common sense and practical possibilities in favor of what is likely to be called “social media” in its current form.

Promote children who are advised not to show much physical affection for their parents, or teachers who are not afraid to help a falling child because they do not want to be accused of crossing the line. Strangers who feel uncomfortable when introduced to someone new, such as a stranger in a restaurant.

We are an extremely social species, and even the most tranquil introverts cannot do without them for long. We live for interaction with others and we live in interaction with each other, not only for our own good, but also for others.

The lack of physical contact in many of our experiences is something of a crisis, and the world seems to be getting crazier by the day. We need to learn more than ever that it is okay to touch each other, but we need to stress the importance of the physical for contact. The world around us, in a world that seems to get crazier every day, needs us to feel a real connection with our fellow human beings.


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