Maybe Some Things Will Happen Only After We Learn How To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others

You can’t force life to get a better job, get more money or make the journey you’ve been planning for months. You cannot be forced to fall in love which makes it even harder for you and others to fall in love. All you can do is stop stewing on your own and embark on all the adventures you need and can manage.

Never underestimate the value of your friends, family, experience, skills, knowledge, talents, skills and talents of your friends.

These things broaden your horizons, broaden your vision, broaden your perspective, broaden your imagination, open your eyes, let your mind open to new possibilities and enjoy the time you have here on earth!

Everything will fit together and the missing puzzle pieces will be installed when you least expect it, even if it goes a little bit off the mark.

It is not necessarily a goal, but it is good to use the time that lies ahead. You should take the opportunity to find what you want without losing sight of anything else that tries to pursue the goals that society has imposed on you, and you should.

If you haven’t fulfilled your dreams yet, don’t worry and live your life the way you want to live it. You have to meet other people’s expectations and standards before you meet your own, not after.

If your friends are in a relationship, married or have children, it doesn’t mean you have to hurry up to do those things. Everything will come spontaneous.

We all know that people compare themselves to other people, but it is not a realistic comparison. We compare images and we compare ourselves with pictures of ourselves, our friends, family members, co-workers, friends of friends and even ourselves.

I know that it is easy to say and do, but I know that I want to stop comparing myself to others, and I like to look at other people’s pictures of myself, not my own pictures.

I trust that I will get everything I want and need in life when I let go and life takes its course. When I put social media aside for a while and look at people through different lenses, I don’t see what smoke and mirrors are, and focus on what’s already there.

I do not dictate the sequence of events, but I dictate my happiness, my perspective and my way of thinking. Remember what you see and what is real is not always the same.


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