Mother and Daughter Become Famous for Graduating from Medical School at the Same Time

Life is unpredictable, it doesn’t always go as planned, but sometimes everything fits together perfectly and your dreams come true. The story I will tell you is that your dream can come true if you work hard, are determined, committed and confident. Life is planned for you and sometimes when everything works out, everything comes true even when it doesn’t.

This is the story of Cynthia Kudji, who was born in Ghana and dreamed of becoming a doctor at a young age. I watched the show and wondered if there could ever be a more famous and successful African-American.

She wanted to finish college and one day become a doctor, but her life had other plans, and her plans were interrupted. At the age of 23, she get pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl, Jasmine. She never dreamed of what would happen later in life; mother and daughter Jasmin grew up together in a small village in Ghana, just outside Ghana’s capital Accra.

At the same time Jasmine also decided to pursue a medical career, and mother and daughter enrolled at various universities. After visiting her relatives in Africa, Cynthia, at the age of 43, decided it was time for her to make her dreams come true and enroll in the medical university. Cynthia graduated from the University of Ghana Medical College in Accra, Ghana, while Jasmin attended LSU School of Medicine in Louisiana.

Because they are so close, they have somehow managed to bridge the gap and communicate regularly via Skype and FaceTime. It’s a real blessing to go through a challenging time and always be there for each other while going through the same challenges, ‘she said. Having someone close to you who has been through the same struggles and can identify with them really helps you to persevere and behave in a way that they can relate to.

Both have university degrees, Jasmine has a degree in surgery and she graduated in April. She graduated at the same time as her mother, with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and a Master of Science.

Cynthia and Jasmine made history when they became the first mother and daughter to graduate from medical school together and live in the same hospital. For the joy and fun of it, they learned on game day that they would end their stay at LSU Health.


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