5 Reasons Why Having an Older Sister is the Best Thing that Can Happen to You

If you have an older sister, you probably know what I’m talking about, and if not, I’m sorry. Older sisters are your best friends and your closest allies and they are also the best things in the world.

They may be critical at times, they may behave like mothers, but they are always there for you and they still love you like crazy and know everything you can tell them. You’re tough and relentless and you just say the words “I’m sorry” and you just say “Sorry.”

Sometimes they can be like negative electricity, but you can’t imagine life without them, and they are the best thing in a life.

She was there for me every step of the way and will be with me until the day I die. She may stand up for the most unimportant things and fight me to the death, but when the impetus comes, she will be there to push me through.

When you have an older sister, you know what is to be loved and supported. You need a reality check every now and then, and there is no better reality check than an old sister.

She will give you her opinion and express it directly because she knows what is best for you and that is why she respects you so much.

She knows how to call you and she knows that you can call her in the middle of the night if you need her, no matter what.

Your older sister has the best advice and medicine for your pain, and she knows that your love and affection will help you heal faster. She is your positive treatment. She knows she has to take care of you and if you need it, she is there for you and will take care of you. When the fever rises, you know that she will take care of you because she loves you and knows what to do.

After all, you have been together all your life and you understand her better than she understands you. She can read your thoughts, see through your false smile and understand every thought. You can be your sister’s true self and she will help you with everything in life. Just be honest with yourself and feel good with your sisters.

At the end you must claim that sisters are the best!


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