Losing A Pet Friend Is Like Losing A Piece Of Your Heart

Say what you like, but there are absolutely no words to describe the traumatizing feeling of losing a friend. Farewell to a pet who has spent his whole life in pain, in hell. You feel the pain, you feel like your whole heart has been ripped out of your chest, and it feels like you’re being yourself.

I know you may not understand it, but I know what it feels like never see your boyfriend again, and I also know that words will not help the people out there.

He never held my hand, never hugged me when I needed it most, and he never held me in his hands or hugged me.

He never looked me in the eye and realized that there was nothing in me but pure love, and I never realized that love is nothing pure.

I know the pain and as I said, I feel it in my heart just like you, if not more than any other person in the world.

It is hard to say goodbye when you least expect it, and harder to let go, but how can I explain it to you? If there is another way to deal with grief and loss, others cannot understand it, no matter how hard it is for you.

A pet is not a doll that you buy for your child, or a pet that you can play with and have fun with, but not allow within a certain period of time. A pet is not just a randomly selected animal that can run around the house, have fun and be thrown away when you get bored.

That is the case, and believe it or not, your family will be burdened even more by the loss of one of their most popular and beloved pets.

Words cannot describe the strong bond that pet owners have with their furry friends. The love these creatures have for you and the joy they pour into you is unlike anything you have felt in your life.

When you know, you are really just one piece of a much bigger jigsaw, one piece of the jigsaw of your life. You will really be able to have two wonderful eyes that will make you like it is magical, as if you are the only person in the world who has a special connection to them.

Imagine losing them for a second, imagine they are taken away from you, and imagine what you lose for a second.

If you are someone who has experienced the loss of an animal lover, you know what it is like to lose a piece of your heart. I was there and I am sure you will be, because it is as painful as losing a heart, if not more painful.

Let the pain flow, let the feelings take control and let it flow from your heart, not from the heart of the animal, but from a part of your soul, a part of you.

One day it will be over, and the only thing you will remember is the warm memories, but I promise you will be fine.


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