Inspirational Quotes For Every New Mother And Her Body After Giving Birth

No matter how she gives birth, the mother’s body in most cases is never the same as before.

Some have a caesarean section, others have stretch marks due to cracked skin, and others have a large excess of skin. There are many cases in which self-confidence is shaken, precisely because of the postpartum form.

Fortunately, social media has been able to spread the message to many mothers around the world – that there is nothing wrong with a newborn mother gaining weight and her body changing completely.

Read these inspirational quotes if you are facing this kind of problem:

“I see a strong woman who has struggled with infertility. I see another strong woman suffering from postpartum depression. “My scars are my treasure and I am proud of my body.”

“I tried different models of spanxs, but none of them restored my old figure. I realized that my body had changed a lot. “I am not perfect, just as my postpartum body is not perfect.”

“I saw women in bikini who are mothers of children under one year old. I thought something was wrong with me. “After a while I decided to accept myself as I am, there was life in me, a miracle … This is me.”

“Why must there be a rule for what a body looks like after giving birth?” “Moms, be confident and feel good in your body.”

“Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, because the day will come when you will be upset because you were upset about the appearance of the body.”

“I hated my body all my life, but that changed when I got pregnant. “I was good to him then and that feeling has not left me until today.”

“Just remember what your body has been through for the past nine months. “Do not lose your temper, you have a small baby whose growth you should enjoy.”


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