Home Colors That Will Relieve You Of Stress

We all know that the look of our homes can affect our mood, and colors play a key role in this process. Thus, for example, red increases stress, while green and white reduce it.

When decorating the interior, we generally “play” with safe color combinations to make our home look neat and compact. However, some shades are better than others.

Here are some colors you can use to decorate your home that will have a beneficial effect on your health.


A gentle, subtle and soothing shade of blue can soothe your mind, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and even slow down your heart rate. For a relaxing effect in the bedroom or living room, choose shades of blue.


One study found that spending time in a green room reduced stress. This is probably because people associate green with nature, which has a calming effect.

Green, combined with beige or light yellow tones, is considered an ideal choice.

Light pink color

While vibrant pink shades can actually increase stress levels, bright, pink shades that have a high dose of white in them can have a calming effect.

Look for pastel shades of pink, which will not stimulate your brain too much, but will relax it.


Like green rooms, white rooms can reduce stress levels. However, subtle differences in tone can cause many different reactions.

To create a calm environment, stick to clean, light tones and avoid those with a dark, yellowish or grayish tinge.


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