Tattoo Addict Mum, 45, Says Nobody Will Give Her A Job

More and more individuals are accepting of tattoos in social settings as their popularity grows. The world of employment and interviews, however, is less tolerant to tattoos. One mother, who has a tattoo addiction and is heavily inked, has spoken up about her difficulties in finding work. She claims that due of her numerous tattoos, no one will hire her.

Melissa Sloan, age 45, has tattoos all over her body. She is a mother who is now having trouble finding work so she can support her family. According to Melissa, her tattoos are what prevent her from getting a job. The junkie got her first tattoo when she was just 20 years old. She admitted in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star that the majority of her tattoos were created by her partner. At home, they are carried out in “prison style.”

She has numerous elaborate tattoos on her face, including playboy bunnies on her cheeks, marijuana leaves on her scalp, and hearts covering her brows. Her tattoos are quite bold and intricate. She allegedly also has spider webs on her breasts.

It’s similar to getting hooked to drinking or smoking, Melissa added. “I just can’t stop it; it’s become addicted, at least for me. I always have a [tattoo] gun with me in the trunk; I can obtain one anyplace. “My partner does them; he does my tattoos prison style,” she continued.

The tattoo junkie Melissa talked openly about her difficulties in getting a job. She talked about how she hasn’t been able to hold onto a job for very long. “I can’t find a work,” Melissa claims. “They’ll reject me. Where I reside, I applied for a job cleaning bathrooms, but they won’t hire me because of my tattoos.

People have assumed she has never worked because of this. She did, however, admit to the reporter that she had briefly worked as a toilet cleaner. Melissa revealed, “My first job was cleaning toilets a long time ago. “People have claimed that I have never worked a day in my life, but the one job I did have didn’t last very long,” I responded.

Melissa reaffirmed her willingness to work if someone would only hire her. She declared she would accept any offer and begin the following day. This demonstrates that she is committed. If someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would accept it and go to work, she declared.

Melissa Sloan covered in tattoos

How is it that despite how far society has come, tattoos are still frowned upon in the workplace? conducted a study, and it appears that tattoos are still a concern in terms of employment. They questioned different companies and employers on their attitudes toward hiring people who have tattoos. Remembering that it would depend on the kind of job they were applying for. In other words, a tattoo shop is likely to be more tolerant of skin that has been tattooed.

300 employers participated in the survey thanks to Workopolis. 14% of respondents responded that having tattoos would definitely make them decide not to hire someone. The presence of tattoos on a candidate has no bearing on the employer, according to 23% of employers. About 35% of the hiring managers stated it depends on the position, while 28% said it relies on the candidate’s tattoo collection and placement.



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