After Vowing To Wed When They Were Preschoolers, Couple Finally Marries 20 Years Later

Who would have imagined that a stupid confession made in preschool would lead to a lavish fairytale nuptial? When it comes to Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel from Phoenix, Arizona, their love affair stretches back to their preschool years, when they were still young children and full of love and imagination.

Matt and Laura met more than 20 years ago while they were still in school, according to their Instagram account thewaywemet. Matt revealed that his earliest recollections of Laura were of him standing in front of their class and announcing to everyone that he would marry her someday. It was a sweet and endearing admission.

Matt couldn’t have known what marriage would be like at the time; perhaps he meant that it was at the time what many people would consider puppy love. The two continued to spend more time together, which led to their growing affection for one another.

In actuality, Laura taught Matt even the most elementary skills, such as how to swing, how to depict rolling hills, and even how to properly eat string cheese. Additionally, Matt recalls playing hide-and-seek with her pal and even staying up beyond everyone else’s scheduled bedtime.

HuffPost claims that when they were younger, Matt attempted to impress Laura by using a cheesy pick-up line from “The Lion King” from Disney.

We were attempting to open a piata at the preschool’s Cinco de Mayo party when I tried to impress her. Fortunately, I was the young person who succeeded in doing it, and I believe it caught her attention,” Matt admitted.

But it was only a matter of time before they graduated from preschool and split up in elementary school. Love, though, undoubtedly works in surprising ways.

When Laura was looking through a friend’s phone book, she just so happened to find Matt’s number. In their freshman year, a mutual acquaintance attempted to pair them up again, but she rejected.

“I hesitated to go on a date with him. But when he texted me, we clicked,” Laura told The Huffington Post.

The two became boyfriend and girlfriend after two weeks of dating, which defined their cute and sassy dating life throughout high school. They faced a long-distance relationship because they had to attend different institutions in different states, which added another obstacle to their already burgeoning love.

Long-distance marriages are particularly difficult because you must rely almost entirely on communication to maintain your bond, and that may require more work than the normal relationship, according to Dr. Randy Schroeder, author of “Simple Habits for Marital Happiness.”

But Laura and Matt made it through their own college years with tenacity, endurance, and unwavering love for one another. The strong couple didn’t reach a turning point in their predetermined love until May 2015.

In order to fulfill his vow to Laura, made when he was still in preschool, Matt finally got down on one knee and proposed. He did so with greater weight, conviction, and an overflowing amount of love.

He said, “I was smitten with Laura as a child, and I’m still smitten with her today.

Eventually, Laura said yes, and in their happily ever after wedding, the two were wed in 2016. Following their heart-fluttering love tale that began as preschool puppy love, the two celebrated the first birthday of their daughter, Lily, six years later.



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