Owen Wilson Won’t Meet Only Daughter – Her Mom Wishes He Would See Girl Who ‘Looks Just Like’ Him

The actor described Lauren in another Instagram post, saying, “Lauren does it all with a huge genuine smile and is honestly the nicest and sweetest soul you’ll ever meet…Of all the people on this earth she could have as her partner—she selected me. One big, brown, bald, tattooed, very lucky SOB.”

“It’s incredible. I can make a joke and it gets crickets, but everything Ford says is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like nothing from those men,” he remarked.

Wilson and Jade Duell, a former flame he allegedly broke up with in 2011, are parents to the child. The devoted parent was reportedly seen in Maui, Hawaii, in December 2020 with his then-3-month-old baby and girlfriend Duell.

Just one month after Robert was born, the ex-couple took their little kid on a date and to supper with friend Woody Harrelson in Los Angeles.

Wilson was spotted with Robert and his mother in a Santa Monica park in December 2011. Duell kept an eye on her son while he played on the jungle gym and slide.

The BAFTA Award winner documented the moments on camera, and since his eldest child’s birth, he visited the mother and son combination at Duell’s Hawaii home.

In January 2011, Wilson and Duell welcomed their son. He acknowledged to Access Hollywood that prior to having his first child, he had never been interested in newborn babies: “I never had that “Oh my my, it’s a baby!” reaction. Allow me to hold it “The native Texan admitted.

Babies are sensitive, he continued, but when parents are involved, things change. Wilson asserted that having children boosts one’s confidence:

“They are so delicate, but when it’s yours, you suddenly have a lot more self-assurance. You have this tie, this true connection with this creature that wasn’t even present a month ago. It is odd. Their cries sound like lovely melody.”

In January 2014, Wilson and Caroline Lindqvist, a fitness instructor, had their second child, Finn. In an interview with Esquire published in August 2021 via Us Magazine, he discussed becoming a father.

The “Zoolander” actor admitted that he enjoys giving bedtime stories to his sons and that one of them encouraged him to take action. Although he acknowledged that he wasn’t a terrific cook, the Golden Globe contender said, “I make very nice sandwiches.”

Wilson recalls clipping Finn’s fingernails and telling him to “relax” while asking him not to go “below the line.” His youngest kid was asked to thank him, and he did so while adding in a hushed voice, “for nothing.”

According to reports, the proud father still keeps in touch with his ex-wives and lives close by. Wilson follows a “single-dad schedule” when raising his kids.

His younger brother Luke Wilson claimed in August 2021 that his nephews were avid viewers of their movies, particularly the superhero ones. Wilson is in “Loki,” while Luke is the lead in “Supergirl.”

In the DC Comics adaption, Owen portrays STRIPE, a former superhero sidekick. His older brother was was cast by Marvel Studios as the detective Mobius.

In November 2017, when Wilson made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he revealed pictures of his sons dressed as characters and discussed the kind of father he was.

The “Wedding Crashers” star responded, “I’m only strict about manners,” when asked if he was strict, adding that he was old-fashioned.

Wilson received criticism for reportedly failing to care for his neglected child even though he spoke affectionately of his sons. The Hollywood A-Lister is also the father of Lyla, a daughter he hasn’t seen since she was born.

He and his ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates, who he dated for five years, are co-parents of the child. Wilson had little interest in the Vongsvirates’ daughter, whom they had welcomed on October 9, 2018, the Vongsvirates confessed to the Daily Mail in October 2021.

He also missed the birth of the child. Whatever transpired between him and Lyla’s mother is still a mystery, but he objected to being referred to as her father.

Wilson gave birth to Lyla the same year, a source told Us Weekly through Meaww.com “rejects meeting his daughter. Even in court, he checked the no visitation box. He doesn’t want to see her and he doesn’t want custody.”

The “Marley & Me” actress agreed to submit to a paternity test when Vongsvirates asserted that she was carrying his child. According to the test results, Wilson is Lyla’s biological father.

At four weeks old, he was aware of the business development representative’s pregnancy. He never got in touch with Vongsvirate again after finding out she was expecting.

Wilson was “not active at all,” according to Vongsvirate, in the life of his daughter, he told the Daily Mail in November 2019. Even then, she had to urge him to try.

She commented that it was “ironic” that the comedian plays fatherly roles in movies but was unable to be present for his daughter when she was questioned about the involvement.

“Lyla is in need of a dad. It’s odd that [Owen] keeps getting cast in father-related roles even though he’s never met his kid;” the single mother stated.

Nevertheless, despite Lyla’s mother’s desire for them to cross paths someday, Wilson still doesn’t seem to be interested in being a part of her life. In October 2021, when the child turned three, Vongsvirate shared a picture of the child.

Source: newshub.co.nz


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