Jennifer Garner Makes Elementary Teacher’s Year With Special Gift For Her Classroom

Teachers are ready to return to the classroom as the summer comes to an end.

Most instructors spend an average of $750 of their own money on resources like books, crayons, pencils, and other basics as part of their preparation. Since COVID struck the economy, finding extra money has proven to be particularly difficult. Because of this, teachers like Erin Fuller-Wellman have turned to a famous person on Instagram for assistance.

In West Virginia, Erin is a teacher at Buffalo Elementary School. By emailing her Amazon want list to writer and actress Erin Foster, who published it in an Instagram story, she made the decision to enlist her assistance in completing her shopping list. Foster started sharing links to teachers’ wish lists in 2020 as a means of giving back.

Foster remarked that “people greatly value friendliness toward teachers.” “That’s kind of a thing that everyone understands. Everyone has experienced a teacher who had an impact on them, and everyone is aware that teachers struggle to make ends meet with their compensation.

Erin submitted her list, but she didn’t hold out much hope for success. Her list had already been posted on her personal social media channels, but to no avail. Erin, however, struck it rich this time!

I just experienced the CRAZIEST thing,” Erin posted on Facebook. “When I step outside, my doorstep literally had 10 boxes lying on it. The first box I open is filled with books. I question, “Who sent these?” Here’s to your best year yet, it says at the bottom. From @jennifer.garner: “Thank you for deciding to be a teacher; you have the most important job in the world.”

amazon note from jennifer garner that reads "here is to your best year, yet! thank you for choosing to teach, you have the most important job in the world. from jennifer garner"

Erin said, “My jaw actually fell. “She supplied every package after that. My Amazon wish list was published on @erinfoster’s website. I knew it was a wild guess because there were hundreds of other teachers’ wish lists, but I added mine nevertheless, and I can only presume Jennifer Garner saw it.

Erin struggled to understand why Garner had chosen her list to complete as she unpacked the gifts. Then it dawned on her: they hail from the same state! Although Garner was born in Texas, her family relocated there when she was just 3 years old.

I realized I had submitted my list on Erin Foster’s ‘clean the lists’ after the second box, Erin said. Since Jennifer Garner is from West Virginia, she would have noticed that I was the only person from that state to have uploaded mine, I also remembered.

Erin stated, “We already knew she was our WV angel, but WOW.” She certainly is unique, and I’m honored to be from the same state as her. I’m speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. I really appreciate it. This is just unbelievable. With your aid, my first graders will have the best year ever, and I’ll make sure they know it was made possible by you all.

Erin quickly got a response from Garner when she posted her gratitude online! Foster was thanked by the actress and mother-of-three for “making all of this possible,” and she wished Erin a successful academic year.

screenshot of an instagram comment made by jennifer garner that reads, "get after it this year, erin! I'm so grateful to erin foster for making all of this happen, and I'm so grateful to you for reaching the awesome kids in wv. have a great school year!!" with four red heart emojis.
Garner has already shown her respect for teachers. She wrote on Instagram in 2021 that she was returning her children to school for the first time since the pandemic started.
She said, “Thank you instructors, thank you administrators, thank you school staff — for being on the receiving end of (kids’ and parents’) large and loud, quiet and deep feelings for a year and a half.”
Congratulations, Jennifer Garner! We adore it when superstars use their great power and fortune to better their fans’ lives. We concur with the actress in wishing all of the teachers out there a successful academic year!

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