Jason Momoa Helps Friend & Father-of-three find the Right Bone Marrow Donor

Joseph American actor Jason Namakaeha Momoa, better known by his stage as Jason Momoa, made his acting debut on the action drama Baywatch: Hawaii as Jason Laone.

He became well-known for playing Khal Drogo on the renowned HBO series Game of Thrones. Justice League, Aquaman, Braven, The Bad Batch, Slumberland, Road to Paloma, and Canvas of My Life are a few of his other noteworthy works.

The Aquaman star has shown that he is both a real-life hero and a dashing on-screen hero.

In order to assist his seven-year pal in finding a bone marrow donor, Momoa is currently busy, according to Good Morning America.

Travis Snyder, who has been battling acute myeloid leukemia for seven years, is in a race against time to find a bone marrow donor because the disease progresses rapidly without treatment, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Actor Jason Momoa is assisting Snyder, 44, in his search for a donor. Snyder and Momoa met in Hawaii not long after Snyder received his initial leukemia diagnosis in 2015.

The Game of Thrones actor requested support from his followers earlier this month in a video shared on his official Instagram account.

“Now that I’m back at home, I had the opportunity to speak with Travis and his Ohana. As we continue to look for a match in the registry, they are struggling through it. We are very appreciative of the thousands of you who have already swabbed your cheek, but Travis and the other patients still need more. Coming up on my birthday, all I want is for you to be a hero and Join the registry by clicking the link in the bio, All my Aloha j.

In addition, he used the hashtags #DKMS, #BeTheMatch, and #StandUpToCancer.

Jason is a wonderful friend who has never stopped supporting Snyder, according to Snyder in a GMA interview.

“He’s a friend who has always stood with me. He appeared to be annoyed with me when I brought up the registry issue and asked, “What? Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

“Once he became aware of the awareness problem, he jumped right in. I sincerely care about him and appreciate the help and attention.

According to the site, Travis, a father of three, had no problems participating in triathlons up until 2015, when all of a sudden he developed stomach pains.

He was put on a treatment regimen after being given the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia since a perfect match could not be found in the bone marrow registry, according to the National Disease Institute, a kind of cancer in which the bone marrow produces abnormal blood cells.

“Snyder’s cancer was in remission for three years before coming back in 2018.”

Again unable to locate a perfect match, Snyder had a bone marrow transplant with his half-matching brother. Prior to the disease returning this March and forcing Snyder to hunt for a bone marrow donor once more, he was once more in remission.

Doctors have not been able to find him the ideal match, according to GMA. And because of this, he is currently working to extend his horizons and spread knowledge about his illness.

I have genetic ties to Pacific Islanders, which is surprising, and is one of the reasons I’m special, he said. But because they are so underrepresented across all registries, the chances of finding a match are extremely slim.

The father of three expressed his wish for a perfect match in the near future and his admiration for anyone who might be able to save his life.

As a business owner, he declared, “I’m always concerned in return on investment and ensuring that what you put out, you receive back in full.” And people are seeing a large return on their investment because what may only be a slight inconvenience to one person may be everything to another and their family.

Source: abcnews.go.com


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