10 Plants That Won’t Die If They Aren’t Watered For A Week (Or Two)

Finding time for hobbies is frequently difficult for adults, particularly when you have children. Typically, you spend any spare time on your children’s favorite hobbies. Having said that, it’s crucial to make at least one thing for yourself. It might be gardening, crocheting, or basket making.

While seeds and outside vegetables are best started in the spring, indoor plants can provide year-round company. In any home, plants should be included. Furthermore, knowing about plants that won’t die is a good idea because, according to NBC News, having plants around the house can improve your mood. Or, at the very least, these plants won’t perish due to a little bit of user error. I really adore plants, so I’m unable to leave Home Depot without acquiring a new green friend.

If you’re pent up indoors, having plants that won’t perish too quickly will help make your living place much more serene. Due to other pressing issues, we humans who have a lot on our plates sometimes overlook our plants (hello, coronavirus.) Sometimes we may be watering them excessively. Obviously, plants are unable to communicate verbally. It may be difficult to tell right now whether they are overly hydrated, but you can eventually tell when they are.

Even so, there is no excuse for not investing in a few fresh indoor plants. Here are 10 different plant species to watch out for.

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Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is referred to as a “beginner’s plant,” but even if you already have a green thumb, they make excellent houseplants. Low water and low light are needed for them. In order to maintain your home appearing lively, if you currently reside somewhere where the sun doesn’t seem to shine, think about purchasing a Chinese evergreen.


African Violets

African violets are certainly something you’re familiar with if you enjoy flowers. Purple is one of the few colors they come in, but there are a few others. They don’t require a lot of light to survive, but they do prefer it. The soil should continue to be only slightly damp. Making sure that water doesn’t remain on African violets’ leaves for an extended period of time is the biggest water concern since rotting could result. (However, it’s quite simple to avoid that.)

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Spider Plant

Those of you who attended primary school in the 1980s or 1990s are undoubtedly already familiar with spider plants. They are quite adorable, and they were quite popular back then. Students could take “babies” from each plant home. Why don’t you reintroduce spider plants into your life? These spread quickly and just occasionally need water and a tiny amount of indirect sunlight.

Aloe Plants

Honestly, I did once accidently kill an aloe plant, but that was only because I didn’t realize how little water it required. Aloe plants are incredible because they offer so much while requiring so little. They are a plant that is worth including in your collection because they do well in the sun and grow rather quickly. Just be cautious with the water.


Ponytail Palm

On the other hand, one of my indoor plants with the best success is my ponytail palm. Years ago, I brought it home with me because I couldn’t stop staring at it. The Totally Hair Barbie of plants, if you will.

Ponytail palms prefer bright light, so it’s ideal to place one close to a window. But don’t be concerned that the light will make the plant dry. They have relatively little requirement for water. You’ve overdone it if the plant’s base begins to decay.


Pancake Plant

These may also be better known to you as pileas or Chinese money plants. One problem is that finding them can often be challenging. The best method to obtain one, according to Apartment Therapy, is to borrow a clipping from a buddy who enjoys gardening. You can also browse online if none of your pals have one. Being a cute plant that doesn’t require much maintenance or direct sunshine, it’s an excellent investment.



The leaves of a philodendron will indicate whether you are watering it enough or not. When anything is yellow, it’s getting too much water. It need more if the leaves are brown. According to Apartment Therapy, philodendron plants may survive without even soil. They are also excellent breeders, so your philodendron will be able to produce more philodendrons for your house or even to offer as gifts. (Really, plants make for amusing gifts.)

For cats and dogs, philodendrons have a mild to moderate level of toxicity that can cause oral pain and irritation, tongue and lip swelling, drooling, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing.



Yucca plants grow to impressive heights and are drought-tolerant. So a yucca can be your best option if you tend to forget to water plants. In the spring and summer, they only require approximately an inch of water per week, according to Plant Delights. However, they assert that it will likely live even if you wait a few years before watering it. They don’t care much about the kind of soil you grow them in either. Because there is some difference among plants, you can buy a large number of them to add life to each space.


Christmas Cactus

My Christmas cactus is one of my other best-performing plants. Even better, my family has been passing down cuttings for generations. So, my plant is a descendant of a plant that belonged to my great-great-grandmother. And yes, I intend to pass it on (that is, if I can figure out how to take a good cutting).

According to reports, a Christmas cactus can easily live without water for a while even if it requires it more when it is flowering. This plant, like many others, may have root rot if it receives excessive watering.


Crown of Thorns

This plant has two things going for it: an excellent name, and a manageable maintenance requirement. Although it enjoys the sun, it is understanding if you neglect to water it.

Sadly, if you have pets or young children, this is not a good plant for you. They shouldn’t handle the plant because it is poisonous to them, and you should also use gloves. However, feel free to keep a few of these if you are a single person who enjoys plants (with a side of hazard).


Crown of Thorns

This plant benefits from both its wonderful name and the ease with which it may be maintained. It enjoys being in the sun, but it is understanding if you forget to water it.

Unfortunately, if you have pets or young children, you shouldn’t grow this plant. You should use gloves when touching the plant because it is harmful to them. But if you are a single person who like plants and lives alone, feel free to keep a few of these.

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