7-year-old Dakota White Makes History In Junior Olympics As The ‘Fastest Kid In The Nation’

Dakota White, a seven-year-old African American girl from Dallas, Texas, is the “fastest child in the country.” When she assisted her team in winning a gold medal at the AAU Junior Olympics, she just broke a national Junior Olympics record. Dakota set a new record after finishing her portion in 59.08 seconds. As a result, her Xpress Track Club team from Fort Worth broke the previous mark for the girls’ eight and under 100-meter relay. According to Fox News, Dakota responded, “I simply run pretty hard,” when asked how she manages it.

Dakota is happy with her accomplishments and has found a somebody to look forward to as she pursues her dream of becoming an athlete. Dakota declared, “I want to compete in the Olympics one day, just like Sha’Carri.” In her room, she keeps pictures of her idol, North Texas native and LSU track star Sha’Carri Richardson, among medals she has received over the years. She smiled as she spoke to the numerous medals in her room, saying, “When I see them, it’s like 100 to me.” Dakota’s present objective is to be able to race at the institution where her idol competed, in addition to her long-term objective of competing in the Olympics. Dakota remarked, thrilled at the mention of Sha’Carri, “I want to run at Sha’Carri’s college.”

Dakota’s father, Cam White, a former wide receiver for TCU, began training her when she was just three years old because he recognized her potential. “She simply had insanely good form. Although it wasn’t quick, her form was already ideal. We then began bringing her various trainers as she advanced, “He clarified. By the time Dakota was six years old, her father, a proud man, revealed, she was winning every race. He told Fox News, “She’s just doing really well in a sport that she loves right now.

Her father claimed that drinking a lot of water and staying well-hydrated is the key. “Reduce the number of snacks and meals, and eat fairly healthfully. You are aware that children enjoy eating a lot of junk food. Don’t misunderstand me. I didn’t take much from her, but we did restrict the amount of food she could consume “explained he. “She works out a much.” White’s sprint coach Sonja Franklin-Johnson called the young superwoman a “competitive wonder” who makes sure to have fun while working out.

Dakota’s parents, Cam and Danielle White, concur that she motivates them to do better and that it is only she who is capable of realizing her dream. Dallas Weekly was advised by Cam White to “Go chat to her.” “That’s what she wanted to do; don’t blame me; forcing my kids to play any sport is one thing I won’t do.”

In a recent social media video, Dakota proclaimed her mantra, “No Days Off.” Even in the sweltering heat of this summer, she insisted, she didn’t take a single day off. Accordng to Danielle White, “Even so, she pushes me. She says, “Come on, mom, let’s head to the gym park.” I’m thinking, “OK, let me get back in shape,” because there’s a park close by with an outdoor gym.”

“She puts in more effort than I do”, Cam added. At the age of six or seven, I didn’t have the work ethic where I was attending practice sessions and honing my art. She instills a strong work ethic in me, he says. There is no reason why I can’t do certain things if my daughter can do it. As parents, it motivates us more.

Prior to this, Dakota had earned extensive media attention the previous year as a result of popular TikTok videos of her competing in a track meet.

Source: scoop.upworthy.com


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