Will Smith’s Jokes Are Going Strong In His Social Media Return

Will Smith is never backed into a corner! Hollywood experts warned that Smith’s career would be over after he stormed the stage at the Oscars and hit Chris Rock in the face. But only a few months after the historic slap that made the entire globe scream, Smith is gradually returning to the public eye.

Jada Pinkett Smith had lost her cool after Rock’s remarks about her baldness. She has alopecia, which Rock supposedly wasn’t aware of at the time, and has lost her hair as a result. “It was a funny joke. Although it wasn’t hilariously funny, I know he wouldn’t have made fun of her alopecia if he had known “Kenny Rock, the comedian’s brother, said People. Smith quickly apologized for his actions. He tried to meet personally with Rock to apologize for his behavior, but was unable to do so. Instead, he posted an apology on social media.

However, it appears that Rock may never forgive Smith for associating his name with a moment that will live on in mainstream culture. It’s terrible that it will now always be a part of his life, an insider told Hollywood Life. The actor was punished for his inappropriate actions. Smith was given a ten-year Oscars ban, banning him from going to any associated events. He was also reportedly losing film projects left, right, and center, according to NME. He has, nevertheless, managed to keep his sense of humor. In actuality, Smith’s jokes are still being shared on social media.

Will Smith is prepared to leave the past in the past and go on with his life. Smith has recovered from the Oscars’ aftermath with a fresh outlook. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, “Will is in a really good position, as good as it can go at this stage.” He feels “a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders,” they claimed. Smith is willing to put himself back out there and is upbeat about the future.

One thing is for certain, though: Smith’s sense of humor is back and his comments are still funny on social media. Fans of the actor were seen rolling around on the floor laughing in a recent Instagram video, which was hilarious given that the tarantula in the video was also rolling around on the floor, but it wasn’t amused. Will Smith and his son Trey Smith first noticed the enormous spider ambling across the flooring.

“What in the world? What a huge spider that is!” Will shouted. At that point, at least, he wasn’t kidding. Trey was assigned the role of tarantula whisperer by him. Will said, “You’re young and strong.” You are able to handle the bite. The enormous frightening creature had to be finally removed by three men, though Jada Pinkett Smith possibly could have done it alone. Will declared, “We’re selling the house.” In one day, the video acquired over 900,000 likes and countless comments. One supporter commented, “Welcome back.”

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