Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding: Actor’s Mom Rushed To Hospital After Getting Injured In The Nuptials Venue

While the celebration has not yet begun, there is a controversy surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s nuptials. After getting hurt at the wedding venue, the actor’s mother needed to be taken to the hospital.

According to rumors, Christopher Anne Boldt, Ben’s mother, wounded her leg after falling off a dock. Hours before the actor and the singer’s second marriage, Ben reportedly spotted her and dialed 911. The Daily Mail described the event as “not serious.”

As an ambulance left the premises to transport the woman to a hospital in Savannah, it was photographed by paparazzi.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez took their children to the south to start their three-day weekend celebration on Thursday. JLo will take center stage. For their wedding, Ben wants her to be the center of attention, an insider told Page Six.

The source claims that the three-day “intimate celebration for family and friends” will begin on Friday, August 19, with a rehearsal dinner, followed by the wedding, and conclude on Sunday with a BBQ and picnic hosted by the newlyweds.

According to the report, Lopez may wear a specially created Ralph Lauren gown made in Italy, and Vogue magazine will photograph her outfit choices throughout the special weekend.

According to reports, Jennifer and Ben chose Jay Shetty, a well-known life coach, to officiate their wedding. The site claims that Shetty and JLo have a close relationship. He assisted Lopez in a publicity ruse for her film Marry Me earlier this year.

The actors’ Riceboro mansion in Georgia will serve as the venue for Ben and JLo’s second nuptials. a mansion with approximately 4,000 acres in the center. On the ultra-private Hampton Island Preserve, the property is an 87-acre multi-residence estate that overlooks the North Newport River. It is located on a pristine, 4,000-acre island 35 miles south of Savannah, Georgia.

The “Big House,” which has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 6,000 square feet of living space, is the primary building in the compound. The Oyster Cottage is a second, three-story building that is much more rustic and covers roughly 10,000 square feet. It has three master suites and six more bunkhouse-style bedrooms with built-in bunk beds that were recovered from merchant ships.



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