A Tearful Waitress Describes How 11 People Walked Out Of Her Restaurant Without Paying The Bill

Working in the catering industry can bring both immense happiness and, in some situations, great disappointment. A waiter’s job, for instance, occasionally contains depressing moments, especially when patrons refuse to leave even a dollar as a tip. Since each waiter’s compensation is mostly dependent on gratuities from customers in the United States, tips for this group of workers are even more important. In some situations, if a customer does not pay the bill, the waiters are required to cover it. The young woman, who sadly uploaded a video to TikTok, won’t be required to foot the tab for a group of diners who showed up at her restaurant during her shift and fled without paying for their lunch.

When a party of 11 people arrived up for a lunch, the young woman who is the subject of this story was in the middle of her night shift. These individuals showed up to the restaurant at around four in the morning, according to what can be seen in the TikTok video. They also placed many drink orders. The sobbing waitress said, “They ordered beverages, ate a lot, but when it came to paying the bill, things didn’t go as intended.

A $ 220 bill was drawn up by the waitress for the group of patrons, but no one in the party offered to pay it right away. In fact, this group of patrons profited from the waitress’ brief absence while she attended to something else for a while. When she came back, she discovered that there was no one at the table and that only a pitiful $3 had been left there, significantly less than the $ 220 that was the owner. Of course, the fact that the gang had skipped out on their full bill astounded this waitress more than the disrespectful $3 tip they had left.

“To express her annoyance, the young woman wrote, “I hope you are all back home safe and sound, but I hope you feel bad now. You are awful people who did something evil “Added her. These 11 people have practically stolen from the restaurant where the young woman works, and there is no excuse for such behavior, which is obviously very unacceptable.

Source: wtvideo.com


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