Liam Neeson Opens Up About Wife Natasha Richardson’s Death: ‘I Still Think I’m Going to Hear Her’

Liam Neeson said that it still doesn’t seem real that his wife Natasha Richardson passed away unexpectedly in a skiing accident five years ago.

It was never truly [her death]. On this Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes, which will air, he said, “It still kind of isn’t. “There have been times recently in our New York home when I heard the door open, especially the first few years… I still believe I will hear her every time I hear the door open.

A few days after sustaining a catastrophic brain injury in a skiing accident in Canada, Richardson, then 45, passed away. Neeson, who wed Richardson in 1994, described his tragically brief final moments with her.

“She was kept alive by a machine. Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this, you’ve bashed your head. She and I had made an agreement that if any of us went into a vegetative condition, we would pull the plug. That was my first thought when I went in to her and told her I loved her. Okay, these tubes must be removed. She has left.”

He remarked that one thing that still gives him consolation is that she donated her organs and saved the lives of other people.

She currently relies on her heart, kidneys, and liver to maintain the lives of three individuals. It’s fantastic, and I believe she would be ecstatic and happy about that “said he.

Even though he claimed that in recent years it has grown a little easier for him to deal with the loss of his wife, he insisted that he will always feel intense pain.

“You feel it. He explained to Cooper, “It’s like a wave. You simply get a terrible sense of instability, as though the Earth is no longer stable. It passes and becomes less regular, although I still experience it occasionally.



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