Kanye West Is Using Trash Bags To Market His New Line Of Apparel

The former rapper-turned-fashion designer is under backlash online for utilizing trash bags to host a sale for his most recent collection.

“This is how they are promoting Yeezy GAP,” read a tweet from a New Yorker who uploaded an image of jumbled merchandise piled into large, black garbage bags on the ground of a Gap store.

Ye allegedly lost his cool when he saw that they were putting up [his stuff], according to the seller, because “this is how he planned it.”

“They won’t help you figure out [your] size; you just have to sift through everything,” they added.

In response to the image, several commenters criticized West’s “fetish” of using homeless individuals as “fashion muses,” which resulted in a considerable backlash.

The opposing viewpoint asserted that “billionaires are the worst of everything.” It’s terrible that they “no longer understand people’s circumstances, they don’t see people who are suffering, they see a chance to be ‘quirky,’ and they profit from it.”

Someone joked, “Now, something to gratify my propensity to burrow,” while another said, “This has to be a social experiment.”

Another angry fan claimed to have witnessed a comparable Yeezy Gap display at a shop in Houston and added, “I can tell this would make me leave my work if I were still on the design team.” The collection’s thick, dark grey sweatpants, sweaters, and accessories costing between $40 (for a keychain) and $340 received criticism from others (T-cut parka).

Source: eng.tusresiduos.com


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